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Anthony David is a talented American singer, songwriter, and guitarist known for his soulful voice, introspective lyrics, and unique blend of R&B, soul, and folk influences. Born Anthony Harrington on December 14, 1971, in Savannah, Georgia, his musical journey from local artist to international recognition is marked by his commitment to authentic storytelling and his ability to create music that resonates with listeners on a deep emotional level.

Anthony David’s history in music began with his early exposure to a variety of genres, including gospel, blues, and R&B. Inspired by artists like Stevie Wonder and Prince, he started playing the guitar and writing songs at a young age. His passion for music led him to Atlanta, Georgia, where he became immersed in the city’s vibrant music scene.

In the early 2000s, Anthony David‘s timeline gained momentum as he began performing at local venues and collaborating with other musicians. He caught the attention of India.Arie, a prominent singer-songwriter, who recognized his talent and invited him to collaborate on her album “Voyage to India.” Their collaboration led to the release of the duet “Part of My Life,” introducing his distinctive voice to a broader audience.

In 2004, Anthony David released his debut album, “Three Chords & The Truth,” which showcased his ability to fuse soulful melodies with acoustic guitar-driven arrangements. The album’s title reflected his commitment to honest and genuine storytelling, a theme that would become a cornerstone of his musical identity. The album’s single “Words” garnered attention and set the stage for his future success.

His sophomore album, “The Red Clay Chronicles,” was released in 2006 and continued to build on his reputation as a soulful and introspective artist. The album’s tracks like “Something About You” and “Spittin’ Game” displayed his songwriting maturity and emotional depth, earning praise from critics and fans alike.

Anthony David’s musical journey reached a significant milestone with the release of his third album, “Acey Duecy,” in 2008. The album featured collaborations with India.Arie and showcased his ability to seamlessly blend R&B, soul, and folk influences. The single “Words,” a duet with India.Arie, received widespread acclaim and earned a Grammy nomination.

In subsequent years, Anthony David continued to release albums that highlighted his growth as an artist and his commitment to authentic storytelling. Albums like “As Above So Below” (2011), “Love Out Loud” (2012), and “The Powerful Now” (2016) further solidified his status as a respected singer-songwriter within the music industry.


  • Three Chords & The Truth” (2004) – Album
  • The Red Clay Chronicles” (2006) – Album
  • Acey Duecy” (2008) – Album
  • As Above So Below” (2011) – Album
  • Love Out Loud” (2012) – Album
  • The Powerful Now” (2016) – Album

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Anthony David‘s journey in the music industry reflects his dedication to crafting music that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth. Through his soulful voice, meaningful lyrics, and genre-blending approach, he has left an indelible mark on the R&B and soul music landscape, touching the hearts of listeners with his poignant storytelling.

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