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Antilopen Gang is a German hip-hop group known for their thought-provoking lyrics, sharp social commentary, and unapologetic attitude. Formed in Düsseldorf in 2005, Antilopen Gang‘s history is marked by their unique fusion of rap, punk, and political activism, making them stand out in the German music landscape.

Antilopen Gang was founded by Panik Panzer, Danger Dan, and Koljah. The trio’s early years were influenced by their punk background and a desire to challenge societal norms through their music. They embraced an anti-authoritarian ethos and began creating tracks that combined rap’s rhythmic flow with punk’s rebellious spirit.

In 2009, Antilopen Gang released their debut album, “Fick die Uni,” which garnered attention for its witty lyrics and innovative fusion of genres. Their songs addressed topics such as consumerism, political apathy, and the struggles of everyday life. The album’s irreverent style and socially conscious content resonated with a growing audience of fans.

Antilopen Gang’s timeline saw them gaining traction in the German hip-hop scene. Their sophomore album, “Aversion,” released in 2012, showcased their evolution as artists. The album’s tracks like “Pizza” and “Der Ruf ist ruiniert” displayed their clever wordplay, humor, and their ability to provoke thought through their lyrics.

The group’s unique approach to music and activism led them to join campaigns addressing social and political issues. They openly critiqued nationalism, racism, and inequality, using their platform to encourage critical thinking and engagement.

In 2014, Antilopen Gang released “Aversion X,” a reworked version of their previous album “Aversion.” The new version featured additional tracks and remixes, further showcasing their experimental nature and willingness to challenge traditional music norms.

Antilopen Gang‘s timeline continued with albums like “Anarchie und Alltag” (2017), which became a critical and commercial success. The album tackled themes of conformity, media manipulation, and social justice, offering a blend of introspection and commentary on contemporary issues.


  • Fick die Uni” (2009) – Album
  • Aversion” (2012) – Album
  • Aversion X” (2014) – Album
  • Anarchie und Alltag” (2017) – Album
  • Abbruch Abbruch” (2020) – Album


  • Panik Panzer (vocals)
  • Danger Dan (vocals)
  • Koljah (vocals)

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Antilopen Gang‘s history is one of pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and addressing important issues through their music. Their fusion of genres and their commitment to activism have solidified their status as influential figures in both the hip-hop and punk communities in Germany and beyond.

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