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Apink is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2011 under Plan A Entertainment (now known as Play M Entertainment). Their history is characterized by their charming concept, catchy music, and enduring popularity in the K-pop industry.

Apink‘s timeline began with their formation through the survival show “Apink News,” which documented the process of selecting the final members of the group. The history of the group’s members started with Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jeong Eun-ji, Son Na-eun, Kim Nam-joo, and Oh Ha-young, all of whom were chosen for their unique talents and compatibility as a group.

In 2011, Apink made their debut with the single album “Seven Springs of Apink,” which marked the beginning of their history in the K-pop scene. The title track “I Don’t Know” showcased their innocent and fresh concept, which resonated with fans and set them apart from other girl groups at the time.

The history of Apink gained momentum with their subsequent releases, including the mini-album “Snow Pink” in 2011 and “PINK MEMORY” in 2015. Their music and concept evolved, and their history of consistent releases helped them build a strong fanbase both domestically and internationally.

In 2014, Apink achieved a major milestone with the release of “Mr. Chu,” which became a commercial success and solidified their popularity. The song’s catchy melody and adorable concept made it one of their most iconic tracks in their history.

The group’s history also included their successful ventures into the Japanese music market, further expanding their reach. They released Japanese versions of their Korean hits and gained a dedicated fanbase in Japan.

Apink‘s evolution continued with releases like “Remember” in 2015 and “Pink Revolution” in 2016. The history of their music matured while maintaining their signature charm and identity. They consistently experimented with different concepts while staying true to their roots.

In 2018, Apink celebrated their seventh anniversary with the album “One & Six,” showcasing their growth and history as a group. The album featured the title track “I’m So Sick,” which displayed a more mature and edgier side of Apink.

Their history is also marked by their impactful contributions to the K-pop industry, including various awards and recognitions. They received accolades for their vocals, music videos, and popularity in both South Korea and beyond.


  • Seven Springs of Apink” (2011) – Single Album
  • Snow Pink” (2011) – Mini Album
  • Pink Memory” (2015) – Album
  • Remember” (2015) – Album
  • Pink Revolution” (2016) – Album
  • One & Six” (2018) – Album


  • Park Cho-rong – Leader, Main Rapper
  • Yoon Bo-mi – Lead Rapper, Main Dancer
  • Jeong Eun-ji – Main Vocalist
  • Son Na-eun – Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist
  • Kim Nam-joo – Lead Vocalist
  • Oh Ha-young – Sub Vocalist, Maknae

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Apink‘s history is a testament to their enduring presence in the K-pop industry. Their ability to evolve while maintaining their signature charm has solidified their status as one of the leading girl groups in South Korea.

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