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APRIL is a South Korean girl group known for their captivating performances, versatile musical styles, and energetic presence. Their history in the K-pop industry is marked by their formation, debut, and subsequent releases that have showcased their growth as artists.

The group was formed by DSP Media and was initially introduced to the public through a reality show titled “APRIL’s Story,” which documented their training and preparations for debut. The historical anticipation surrounding their debut generated curiosity among K-pop fans.

In 2015, APRIL made their official debut with the single album “Dreaming,” featuring the title track “Dream Candy.” The track, characterized by its bright and youthful sound, was a fitting introduction to the group’s history and set the tone for their initial image.

The group’s history of music continued with their subsequent releases, showcasing their ability to explore various musical genres while maintaining their signature charm. Tracks like “Muah!” and “Tinker Bell” highlighted their history of incorporating catchy hooks and lively choreography into their performances.

APRIL‘s history also includes their participation in reality shows, allowing fans to get a closer look at their personalities and dynamics as a group. Their appearance on shows like “APRIL’s Secret Date” and “APRIL Okinawa Lab Challenge” provided insights into their interactions and activities beyond their music.

In 2017, APRIL underwent a lineup change with the departure of some members and the addition of new ones, marking a transitional period in their history. Despite the changes, the group’s core identity remained intact, and they continued to release music that resonated with their fans.


  • Dreaming” (2015) – Single album
  • Boing Boing” (2015) – Single album
  • Prelude” (2016) – Mini album
  • MAYDAY” (2017) – Mini album
  • Eternity” (2017) – Single album
  • The Blue” (2018) – Single album
  • Oh! My Mistake” (2018) – Mini album
  • Spring” (2019) – Mini album
  • Da Capo” (2020) – Mini album


  1. Chaekyung
  2. Chaewon
  3. Naeun
  4. Yena
  5. Rachel
  6. Jinsol

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APRIL‘s history is a testament to their adaptability and evolution as artists within the dynamic world of K-pop. Their journey from debut to their current status showcases their ability to connect with their fanbase and continue delivering music that resonates with listeners.

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