April Smith And The Great Picture Show Information

April Smith and The Great Picture Show is an American indie pop band known for their vibrant sound, captivating performances, and the charismatic presence of their lead singer, April Smith. Their history in the music industry is marked by their formation, evolution, and their contributions to the indie music scene.

The band’s history traces back to 2008, when April Smith joined forces with a group of talented musicians to form The Great Picture Show. The historical significance of their collaboration lies in their shared passion for creating music that blended various genres, including folk, pop, and rock.

In 2009, April Smith and The Great Picture Show released their debut album, “Songs for a Sinking Ship,” marking a pivotal moment in their history. The album received critical acclaim for its historical diversity in musical styles, from the catchy and upbeat tracks like “Colors” to the more introspective ballads like “Movie Loves a Screen.” The historical depth of the album showcased the band’s ability to explore a wide range of emotions and musical landscapes.

Their single “Colors” gained historical traction, with its infectious melody and Smith’s powerful vocals. The song’s historical impact contributed to the band’s growing popularity and cemented their place in the indie music scene.

The band’s historical journey continued with their live performances, where their dynamic stage presence and engaging interactions with the audience created a sense of intimacy and connection. These performances became a hallmark of their history and helped them to develop a dedicated fanbase.

In 2011, April Smith and The Great Picture Show released the EP “Songs for a Sinking Ship: Bedroom Sessions,” showcasing stripped-down versions of some of their tracks. This historical release allowed fans to experience the band’s music in a more intimate and acoustic setting.


  • Songs for a Sinking Ship” (2009) – Album
  • Songs for a Sinking Ship: Bedroom Sessions” (2011) – EP

Members of The Great Picture Show:

  • April Smith – Vocals, Guitar
  • Marty O’Kane – Guitar
  • Nick D’Agostino – Drums
  • Chris Kuffner – Bass
  • Stefanie Drootin-Senseney – Cello
  • Dan Romer – Piano, Accordion, Ukulele

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April Smith and The Great Picture Show‘s history is characterized by their ability to create music that resonates with audiences through a mix of genres, emotive performances, and Smith’s distinctive vocals. Their journey showcases the power of collaboration and the impact of their music within the indie music landscape.

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