Arcadia Information

Arcadia was a short-lived but iconic side project of the popular British new wave band Duran Duran. Formed in 1985, Arcadia showcased a more experimental and artful side of the band members. The history of Arcadia is marked by its historical contribution to the 1980s music scene, its fusion of various musical genres, and its legacy as a unique artistic endeavor.

Arcadia was conceived during a hiatus between Duran Duran albums, allowing the band members to explore different musical directions. The historical lineup of Arcadia consisted of three members of Duran Duran: Simon Le Bon (vocals), Nick Rhodes (keyboards), and Roger Taylor (drums). The historical project’s name was inspired by the famous utopian concept of Arcadia from ancient Greek mythology.

In 1985, Arcadia released their historical debut album, “So Red the Rose.” The album’s historical sound was a departure from Duran Duran’s pop-oriented style, incorporating elements of art rock, synthpop, and even world music influences. The historical album’s lush production, atmospheric textures, and introspective lyrics set it apart as a distinct entity.

One of the album’s historical singles, “Election Day,” achieved success on the charts and showcased the historical collaborative nature of the project, with guest vocals by Grace Jones. The album’s historical themes of glamour, romance, and mystique were captured in its music videos, which often featured avant-garde visuals.

Despite the historical acclaim of “So Red the Rose,” Arcadia remained a short-lived project. The historical members quickly returned their focus to Duran Duran, and Arcadia’s unique historical sound and artistic vision remained a historical snapshot of that particular era.

Arcadia’s discography includes:

  • So Red the Rose” (1985) – Album
  • Election Day” (1985) – Single
  • The Flame” (1986) – Single
  • Goodbye Is Forever” (1986) – Single
  • Missing” (1986) – Single

Arcadia’s historical music videos and visual aesthetics were just as influential as their music, embodying the historical elegance and artistry of the 1980s. The members’ historical collaboration with fashion designer Jean-Paul Goude for the album’s artwork and visuals added to its unique historical identity.

Official Social Media Accounts:

Arcadia was active during a time when social media was not prevalent. Therefore, they do not have official social media accounts.

While Arcadia’s historical existence was relatively short, their impact on music history is undeniable. Their experimental approach to sound and visuals, along with their willingness to step outside the confines of their main band’s style, showcased a different dimension of the Duran Duran members’ talents. Arcadia remains a historical reminder of the artistic diversity and creativity that defined the music scene of the 1980s.

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