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Arion, a Finnish metal band, emerged onto the music scene in 2011, led by the talented guitarist Iivo Kaipainen. Their journey is marked by their rapid rise to fame, beginning with their performance of the song “Lost” in the Finnish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, in 2013. Here’s a detailed history and timeline of this remarkable band:

Formation and Early Years (2011): Arion was officially formed in 2011 in Finland, with Iivo Kaipainen taking the reins as the lead guitarist. In their early years, the band members honed their musical skills, laying the foundation for what would become an exciting and successful career in the metal genre.

Breakthrough with “Lost” (2013): The turning point in Arion’s career came in 2013 when they participated in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, the Finnish national competition to select the country’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. They performed their original song “Lost” during the competition, captivating the audience and showcasing their unique blend of metal and melodic elements.

Their performance of “Lost” not only garnered attention in Finland but also resonated with fans of diverse musical tastes. The song’s powerful composition and memorable melody left a lasting impression.

Collaboration with Elize Ryd (2016): In March 2016, Arion ventured into a notable collaboration with Elize Ryd, known for her work with the band Amaranthe. Together, they recorded the duet “At the Break of Dawn.” This collaboration showcased the band’s ability to collaborate with renowned artists and expand their musical horizons.

Members of Arion:

  • Lassi Vääränen (Vocals)
  • Iivo Kaipainen (Guitars)
  • Arttu Vauhkonen (Keyboards)
  • Gege Velinov (Bass)
  • Topias Kupiainen (Drums)

Arion’s lineup consists of talented individuals who contribute to the band’s distinctive sound, combining elements of metal, melody, and powerful vocals.


Arion’s discography includes a collection of albums and singles that showcase their evolution as a metal band with a unique musical identity. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are some of their notable releases:

  • Albums:
    1. “Last of Us” (2014)
    2. “Life Is Not Beautiful” (2018)
  • Singles and EPs: Arion has released several singles and EPs, contributing to their growing discography.

Official Social Media Accounts:

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