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Arlie, an American indie pop band, has emerged as a promising musical act with their infectious melodies, vibrant sound, and relatable lyrics. Formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2016, the band’s journey is marked by their unique blend of indie, pop, and rock influences, as well as their dedication to creating music that resonates with audiences.

The band was originally a duo consisting of Nathaniel Banks (vocals, guitar) and Carson Lystad (guitar, bass), who met while attending Vanderbilt University. They began collaborating on music, drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres and artists. Their shared passion for creating catchy and memorable songs laid the foundation for the band’s formation.

In 2016, Arlie released their debut single, “Big Fat Mouth”, which garnered attention for its catchy hooks and upbeat energy. The track’s success introduced their fresh and vibrant sound to a wider audience, setting the stage for their journey in the music industry. Their ability to seamlessly blend indie pop sensibilities with rock elements quickly earned them a devoted fan base.

Arlie’s subsequent releases further solidified their reputation as a band to watch. In 2018, they released the single “Didya Think”, which featured their signature energetic sound and relatable lyrics. The track resonated with listeners and showcased their growth as songwriters and performers.

The band’s music is characterized by its feel-good nature and relatable themes, often focusing on everyday experiences and emotions. Their ability to craft songs that capture the essence of youth and self-discovery has contributed to their appeal among a diverse range of listeners.

In 2019, Arlie released their debut EP, “Wait”, which featured tracks like “big fat mouth”, “water damage”, and “didya think”. The EP showcased their evolution as a band and their commitment to creating music that is both sonically engaging and emotionally resonant. The EP’s tracks received positive reviews and further solidified their status within the indie pop scene.

Arlie‘s discography reflects their growth as musicians and their ability to create music that uplifts and connects with listeners. Notable releases include singles like “Big Fat Mouth” (2016), “Didya Think” (2018), and their debut EP “Wait” (2019). Each release showcases their evolution as a band and their dedication to refining their sound.

Members of Arlie:

  • Nathaniel Banks (vocals, guitar)
  • Carson Lystad (guitar, bass)

Official Social Media Accounts:

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Arlie‘s impact on the indie pop scene is evident in their ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience. With their catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and commitment to their unique sound, they have positioned themselves as a promising musical act that continues to capture the hearts of listeners and leave a lasting impression.

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