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Armor For Sleep, an influential emo and alternative rock band originating from New Jersey, United States, has made a lasting impact on the music scene with their emotionally charged lyrics, melodic soundscapes, and introspective approach. Formed in 2001, the band’s history is marked by their role in the emo revival of the early 2000s, their lyrical depth, and their ability to connect with a generation of fans seeking catharsis through music.

The band’s origins trace back to vocalist and guitarist Ben Jorgensen, who initially started Armor For Sleep as a solo project. The project evolved into a full-fledged band with the addition of PJ DeCicco (guitar), Anthony DiIonno (bass), and Nash Breen (drums). The name “Armor For Sleep” itself suggests a desire for protection and comfort, reflecting the band’s commitment to addressing themes of vulnerability, self-discovery, and personal struggles.

In 2003, Armor For Sleep released their debut album, “Dream to Make Believe”, which gained attention for its blend of melodic post-hardcore and emo influences. The album’s introspective lyrics and relatable themes resonated with listeners grappling with their own experiences. Tracks like “The Truth About Heaven” and “My Town” showcased the band’s knack for combining catchy hooks with heartfelt lyricism.

The band’s breakthrough came with their sophomore album, “What to Do When You Are Dead” (2005), which solidified their place in the emo scene. The album was a concept record that delved into themes of mortality, existentialism, and the afterlife. The single “Car Underwater” gained significant airplay and became an anthem for fans drawn to Armor For Sleep’s emotive approach. The album’s ambitious concept and poignant storytelling garnered critical acclaim and further established their reputation as an emotionally resonant band.

Following the success of “What to Do When You Are Dead,” Armor For Sleep continued to captivate audiences with their third album, “Smile for Them” (2007). The album showcased a slight departure from their earlier sound, incorporating more alternative rock elements while maintaining their introspective lyrics. Tracks like “Williamsburg” and “Hold the Door” demonstrated the band’s evolution and maturity.

Despite their impact and growing fan base, Armor For Sleep announced an indefinite hiatus in 2009, leaving fans eager for more music. During the hiatus, Ben Jorgensen pursued solo endeavors, allowing him to explore his creativity on an individual level.

Armor For Sleep‘s discography reflects their evolution as artists and their ability to create music that resonates with listeners on a deeply emotional level. Notable releases include albums like “Dream to Make Believe” (2003), “What to Do When You Are Dead” (2005), and “Smile for Them” (2007).

Members of Armor For Sleep:

  • Ben Jorgensen (vocals, guitar)
  • PJ DeCicco (guitar)
  • Anthony DiIonno (bass)
  • Nash Breen (drums)

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Armor For Sleep’s legacy in the emo and alternative rock genres is defined by their ability to provide a cathartic outlet for listeners navigating complex emotions. With their introspective lyrics and dynamic sound, the band continues to resonate with fans seeking authenticity and solace through music.

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