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Army of Anyone, a supergroup formed in the mid-2000s, brought together a unique blend of talent from different rock backgrounds, resulting in a distinctive sound that resonated with fans of alternative and hard rock. The band’s history is characterized by their collaboration, their fusion of various influences, and their short-lived but impactful presence in the music scene.

The origins of Army of Anyone can be traced back to vocalist Richard Patrick, known for his role as the frontman of the industrial rock band Filter, and Robert DeLeo and Dean DeLeo, bassist and guitarist respectively, from the renowned rock band Stone Temple Pilots. Together with drummer Ray Luzier, the quartet united to form Army of Anyone, combining their diverse musical backgrounds into a cohesive and dynamic whole.

In 2006, Army of Anyone released their eponymous debut album, marking a significant collaboration between members of established bands. The album’s sound blended the introspective and melodic tendencies of Stone Temple Pilots with the edgier and alternative elements of Filter. Songs like “Goodbye” and “Father Figure” showcased the band’s ability to craft memorable hooks while exploring themes of introspection and self-discovery.

Despite the individual members’ successes, Army of Anyone faced challenges that led to a hiatus after their debut album’s release. The band members returned to their respective projects, and the supergroup concept was put on hold. While Army of Anyone’s time together was relatively short, their debut album left a lasting impression on fans and demonstrated the power of collaboration among seasoned musicians.

Members of Army of Anyone:

  • Richard Patrick (vocals)
  • Robert DeLeo (bass)
  • Dean DeLeo (guitar)
  • Ray Luzier (drums)

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Army of Anyone’s brief but impactful collaboration showcased the potential of musicians from different backgrounds coming together to create something unique. While their time as a supergroup was limited, their music continues to be remembered and appreciated by fans of alternative and hard rock.

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