Artem Pivovarov (Артем Пивоваров) Information

Artem Pivovarov, known as Артем Пивоваров in Cyrillic, is a prominent Russian singer, songwriter, and producer who has captured the hearts of listeners with his emotive vocals, introspective lyrics, and innovative musical style. His journey in the music industry is marked by his early start, his participation in a popular reality TV show, and his evolution into a solo artist who fearlessly explores his creative boundaries.

Artem’s musical journey began at a young age when he discovered his passion for music and started writing songs. His talent and dedication were evident from the start, and he quickly gained recognition for his distinctive voice and songwriting abilities. His early experiences paved the way for his future in the music industry.

In the 2000s, Artem’s life took a significant turn when he participated in the reality TV show “Star Factory” (Фабрика Звезд), a Russian singing competition. His participation in the show exposed him to a wider audience and allowed him to showcase his vocal prowess and stage presence. This experience served as a stepping stone for his future endeavors in the music industry.

After his time on “Star Factory,” Artem embarked on a solo career and began releasing his own music. His debut album, “New” (Новое), released in 2007, introduced listeners to his unique musical style, which combined elements of pop, rock, and electronic music. The album showcased his ability to create emotionally resonant songs that connected with audiences on a deep level.

As Artem’s career progressed, he continued to evolve as an artist and experiment with his sound. His subsequent albums, such as “Senses” (Чувства, 2010) and “Back to the Stars” (Обратно к Звёздам, 2013), demonstrated his growth as a songwriter and his exploration of different musical genres. His ability to infuse his music with emotional depth and introspection remained a constant throughout his discography.


  • “New” (Новое, 2007)
  • “Senses” (Чувства, 2010)
  • “Back to the Stars” (Обратно к Звёздам, 2013)
  • “Lost and Found” (Потерянное и Найденное, 2017)
  • “3/4” (2020)
  • “Eyes Wide Open” (2021)

Artem’s music often explores themes of love, loss, self-discovery, and human relationships. His lyrics are introspective and poetic, touching on universal experiences that resonate with listeners across generations. His ability to convey complex emotions through his music has garnered him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

As an artist, Artem is known for his creative and visually striking music videos that complement his songs. The visual component of his work adds depth and layers to his music, enhancing the overall experience for his audience. His music videos often feature cinematic storytelling and artistic aesthetics that enhance the narrative of his songs.

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Artem Pivovarov’s journey in the music industry is a testament to his unwavering commitment to self-expression and his dedication to creating music that resonates deeply with his audience. His ability to evolve as an artist while staying true to his unique voice sets him apart as a beloved figure in the Russian music scene. With each release, Artem continues to captivate listeners with his heartfelt songs and artistic vision.

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