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Asaf Avidan is an Israeli singer-songwriter and musician known for his distinctive voice and emotional storytelling. Born on March 23, 1980, in Jerusalem, Israel, Avidan’s music is characterized by his powerful vocals, poetic lyrics, and a fusion of folk, rock, and blues influences. His captivating sound has garnered international recognition, and his journey as an artist has been marked by creative exploration and artistic growth.

Avidan’s musical career took off in the mid-2000s when he formed the band Asaf Avidan & the Mojos. The band’s lineup included Ran Nir on bass, Roi Peled on guitar, and Yoni Sheleg on drums. Together, they created a unique sound that combined Avidan’s soulful voice with a blues-rock sound, creating a sonic landscape that stood out in the Israeli music scene.


  • “The Reckoning” (2008) – Album (with The Mojos)
  • “Poor Boy / Lucky Man” (2009) – Album (with The Mojos)
  • “Through the Gale” (2010) – EP (with The Mojos)
  • “Different Pulses” (2012) – Solo Album
  • “Gold Shadow” (2015) – Solo Album
  • “The Study on Falling” (2017) – Solo Album
  • “Anagnorisis” (2020) – Solo Album
  • “Earth Odyssey” (2022) – Solo Album

Avidan’s breakthrough came with the release of the band’s debut album, “The Reckoning,” in 2008. The album’s lead single, “Reckoning Song (One Day),” became a massive hit, propelling Avidan and the Mojos into the spotlight both in Israel and internationally. The song’s infectious melody and Avidan’s distinctive voice struck a chord with audiences, making it a chart-topping success.

Members of Asaf Avidan & the Mojos:

  • Asaf Avidan (vocals)
  • Ran Nir (bass)
  • Roi Peled (guitar)
  • Yoni Sheleg (drums)

The success of “Reckoning Song (One Day)” led to international recognition for the band, with their music gaining popularity in Europe and beyond. Their subsequent albums, such as “Poor Boy / Lucky Man” (2009) and “Through the Gale” (2010), continued to showcase their unique sound and Avidan’s soulful songwriting.

In 2012, Avidan embarked on a solo career with the release of his album “Different Pulses.” The album marked a departure from the blues-rock sound of his previous work, exploring more introspective and experimental territory. The title track, “Different Pulses,” showcased his ability to create evocative music that resonated with listeners on an emotional level.

Avidan’s subsequent solo albums, including “Gold Shadow” (2015) and “The Study on Falling” (2017), further demonstrated his artistic evolution. His music delved into themes of introspection, love, and personal growth, all while retaining his signature poetic lyricism and powerful vocals. Songs like “Over My Head” and “My Old Pain” from these albums showcased his continued dedication to storytelling through music.

Asaf Avidan’s solo career allowed him to experiment with various musical styles and collaborate with different artists, solidifying his reputation as a versatile and dynamic musician. His commitment to pushing creative boundaries was evident in his album “Anagnorisis” (2020), which presented a fusion of electronic and acoustic elements, showcasing his willingness to explore new sonic landscapes.

Avidan’s music continues to evolve, with his album “Earth Odyssey” (2022) marking another chapter in his artistic journey. The album features a collection of introspective and thought-provoking songs that invite listeners into his world.

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Asaf Avidan’s presence on social media platforms allows him to connect with his fans and share insights into his creative process. His music continues to captivate audiences with its emotional depth, and his journey as an artist serves as an inspiration to musicians and listeners alike. With each album, Avidan demonstrates his growth and commitment to crafting authentic and compelling music that leaves a lasting impact.

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