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ASAP Mob (stylized as A$AP Mob) is a renowned hip-hop collective that has significantly impacted the rap music landscape through its innovative sound, fashion, and cultural influence. Formed in Harlem, New York City, this collective is known for its unique blend of artists, each contributing to the group’s diverse and boundary-pushing style. The history of ASAP Mob is a journey marked by artistic collaborations, fashion statements, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop.

Formation and Early Years (2006 – 2010): The roots of ASAP Mob trace back to the early 2000s when a group of friends and artists in Harlem came together to create music that reflected their urban experiences and aspirations. Rakim Mayers, better known as ASAP Rocky, adopted the name “ASAP” (Always Strive and Prosper) as part of his stage name, which would later become the collective’s moniker. Alongside ASAP Rocky, founding members included ASAP Yams (Steven Rodriguez) and ASAP Bari (Simone Thompson).

In 2011, ASAP Mob released their debut mixtape, “Lords Never Worry,” introducing their distinctive style to the rap scene. The mixtape featured contributions from various members and gained recognition for its raw energy and innovative approach.

Breakthrough and Solo Careers (2011 – 2013): ASAP Mob’s breakthrough came with the solo success of its members, particularly ASAP Rocky, who gained significant attention with his debut mixtape, “Live. Love. ASAP,” released in 2011. The mixtape’s tracks, such as “Peso” and “Purple Swag,” showcased Rocky’s unique flow and fashion-forward sensibility, setting the stage for his solo career.

ASAP Ferg (Darold Durard Brown Ferguson Jr.), another prominent member of the collective, achieved solo success with his hit single “Work” in 2012. The track became an anthem and further solidified the collective’s presence in the rap world.

Expansion and Creative Exploration (2014 – 2019): In 2013, ASAP Mob released their debut studio album, “Cozy Tapes: Vol. 1 Friends,” featuring a collaborative effort by the collective’s members. This project demonstrated the diversity of talent within ASAP Mob, with each member contributing their unique style to the tracks.

The collective continued to expand and explore various creative avenues. ASAP Yams, one of the founding members and the creative mind behind the collective’s vision, played a pivotal role in guiding their artistic direction until his untimely passing in 2015. His influence on ASAP Mob’s aesthetic and sound remained profound.

Cozy Tapes Series and Continued Impact (2016 – Present): ASAP Mob embarked on their “Cozy Tapes” series, releasing “Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy” in 2017. This project further showcased the collective’s ability to blend diverse styles, resulting in tracks that resonated with fans of all backgrounds.

While individual members of ASAP Mob pursued solo careers, they continued to collaborate on various projects, solidifying their presence in the hip-hop world. The collective’s impact extended beyond music, with members actively participating in fashion, art, and cultural endeavors.


  1. Lords Never Worry” (2012)
  2. Cozy Tapes, Vol. 1: Friends” (2016)
  3. Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy” (2017)
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Members of ASAP Mob

  • ASAP Rocky (Rakim Mayers)
  • ASAP Ferg (Darold Durard Brown Ferguson Jr.)
  • ASAP Nast (Tariq Devega)
  • ASAP Bari (Simone Thompson)
  • ASAP Ant (Adam Kirkman)
  • ASAP Twelvyy (Jamal Phillip Baptiste)
  • ASAP TyY (Tyshaun Holloway)
  • ASAP Lou (Louis Bell)
  • ASAP Illz (Matthew O’Brien)
  • ASAP P (Michael Stevenson)
  • ASAP J. Scott (Jason Scott Phillips)
  • ASAP Snacks (Kevin Del Rosario)

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ASAP Mob’s influence on hip-hop extends beyond music, encompassing fashion, culture, and a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Their collective spirit and individual talents have made them a defining force in contemporary rap.

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