Ashnikko Information

Ashnikko, the British-American singer, rapper, and songwriter, has made a striking impact on the music industry with her bold and eclectic style. Born on February 19, 1995, as Ashton Nicole Casey, her journey from a small-town girl to a rising star is marked by her unapologetic approach to music and her unique blend of genres that defies traditional boundaries.


  1. Early Life and Musical Beginnings (1995 – 2015): Ashnikko was born in Oak Ridge, North Carolina, and grew up with a passion for music. Her journey into the industry began with her experiments in various musical genres and her use of social media platforms to showcase her talents.
  2. Debut on SoundCloud (2015): Ashnikko made her first significant appearance on the music scene by sharing her music on SoundCloud. This platform allowed her to reach a global audience and gain recognition for her unique sound and provocative lyrics.
  3. Rise to Popularity (2018 – 2019): Ashnikko’s breakthrough came in 2018 with the release of her single “Stupid” featuring Yung Baby Tate. The song’s catchy and empowering lyrics, along with its colorful music video, went viral and garnered millions of views on YouTube. This marked a turning point in her career, propelling her to greater recognition.
  4. “Hi, It’s Me” Mixtape (2019): In 2019, Ashnikko released her debut mixtape, “Hi, It’s Me.” The mixtape showcased her genre-blending abilities, combining elements of pop, rap, and electronic music. Tracks like “Special” and “STUPID” further solidified her reputation as an artist unafraid to push boundaries.
  5. Collaborations and Mainstream Success (2020 – Present): Ashnikko’s collaborations with prominent artists like Grimes on “Cry” and Doja Cat on “Slumber Party” boosted her profile and introduced her to an even wider audience. Her music continued to gain traction, and she became known for her distinctive visual style and empowering themes.
  6. “Demidevil” Album (2021): In 2021, Ashnikko released her debut studio album, “Demidevil.” The album included tracks like “Daisy” and “Clitoris! The Musical,” which showcased her provocative and unapologetic lyrical content. The album’s unique blend of pop, rap, and electronic elements received critical acclaim and further solidified her position as a boundary-pushing artist.


Studio Albums:

  1. Demidevil” (2021)

Mixtapes and EPs:

  1. Hi, It’s Me” (2019)

Social Media Accounts:

Ashnikko’s journey from a small-town artist to a global sensation is a testament to her talent, fearlessness, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of music and self-expression. With her provocative lyrics, genre-blending sound, and distinctive visual style, she continues to captivate audiences and challenge the norms of the music industry.

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