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At The Drive-In is a post-hardcore band that emerged from El Paso, Texas, in the early 1990s. Known for their frenetic energy, passionate performances, and unique blend of punk, rock, and experimental sounds, the band’s history and timeline are marked by periods of intense creativity and hiatuses.

1994: At The Drive-In was founded by Omar Rodríguez-López (guitar, vocals), Cedric Bixler-Zavala (vocals), Jim Ward (guitar, vocals), Paul Hinojos (bass), and Tony Hajjar (drums). They released their debut album, “Acrobatic Tenement,” showcasing their raw and intense style.

1996: The band released “In/Casino/Out,” solidifying their reputation for explosive live shows and complex, emotionally charged music. Songs like “Napoleon Solo” and “Alpha Centauri” became fan favorites.

1998: At The Drive-In’s third album, “Vaya,” demonstrated their musical growth and experimentation, incorporating intricate rhythms and discordant melodies. The EP included tracks like “Metronome Arthritis” and “198d.”

2000: The band released “Relationship of Command,” their most celebrated work. This album catapulted them into the mainstream alternative rock scene with songs like “One Armed Scissor” and “Invalid Litter Dept.” It received widespread critical acclaim and is considered a landmark in post-hardcore music.

2001: Despite their growing success, At The Drive-In announced an indefinite hiatus due to creative differences and exhaustion from touring. This hiatus led to the formation of new projects like The Mars Volta and Sparta.

2012: After an 11-year hiatus, At The Drive-In surprised fans by reuniting for a series of live shows, including performances at Coachella and Lollapalooza festivals.

2016: The band released their fourth studio album, “in•ter a•li•a.” Although it was their first album in 17 years, it retained the band’s signature intensity and experimental sound.

2021: At The Drive-In continues to perform live shows and festivals, proving their enduring influence on the post-hardcore and alternative rock scenes.


Studio Albums:

  1. Acrobatic Tenement” (1996)
  2. In/Casino/Out” (1998)
  3. Relationship of Command” (2000)
  4. in•ter a•li•a” (2016)


  1. Vaya” (1998)

Members (various lineups over the years):

  • Omar Rodríguez-López (guitar, vocals)
  • Cedric Bixler-Zavala (vocals)
  • Jim Ward (guitar, vocals)
  • Paul Hinojos (bass)
  • Tony Hajjar (drums)

Social Media Accounts:

Official Website: At The Drive-In Official

Facebook: At The Drive-In on Facebook

Twitter: @AtTheDriveIn

Instagram: @atdimusic

YouTube: At The Drive-In on YouTube

Spotify: At The Drive-In on Spotify

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