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At Wendy’s, a unique and unconventional musical project, gained attention as a result of their unexpected emergence in the fast-food chain’s Twitter exchanges and their subsequent foray into the music world. The history of At Wendy’s as a musical endeavor is intertwined with the viral sensation that began in 2017 when a Twitter account using the handle @Wendys engaged in witty and often humorous exchanges with users. The account’s quick-witted and snarky responses caught the attention of social media users, sparking a phenomenon that would soon evolve beyond the realm of tweets.

In 2018, the Twitter account turned its attention to the world of music, particularly the hip-hop genre, and released a series of diss tracks aimed at other fast-food chains and artists. The release of tracks like “4 for 4$ Meal” and “Rest in Grease” showcased the unexpected fusion of corporate branding and music, as the lyrics playfully incorporated references to Wendy’s menu items and challenged their rivals.

As the Twitter account’s musical output gained traction, speculation arose about the identity behind the moniker. It was later revealed that rapper and producer Yung Bleu was behind the tracks, collaborating with others in the hip-hop community to create the distinct sound of At Wendy’s. The project’s unique approach to blending music and branding generated a mix of curiosity and amusement among listeners.

In 2019, At Wendy’s released their debut EP “We Beefin?”, which included tracks that continued the trend of playful disses and references to fast-food culture. The EP’s tracks, including “Twitter Fingers” and “Rest in Grease (Part 2)”, exemplified the project’s lighthearted and unexpected approach, resonating with a demographic that appreciated the fusion of humor, music, and pop culture references.

At Wendy’s history, though brief, highlights the power of social media and unconventional marketing strategies in creating a unique musical entity. The project’s ability to capture the public’s attention through unexpected collaborations and witty lyrics contributed to its brief but impactful presence in the music world.


  • “We Beefin?” (2019) – EP


  • Yung Bleu (rapper, producer)
  • Collaborators from the hip-hop community

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