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ATB, short for André Tanneberger, is a German DJ and producer renowned for his contributions to the electronic dance music (EDM) genre, particularly in the trance and progressive house subgenres. Born on February 26, 1973, in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany, André Tanneberger adopted the stage name ATB and embarked on a remarkable journey through the world of electronic music.

ATB’s career took off in the late 1990s when he released his debut single, “9 PM (Till I Come),” in 1998. This track quickly became an international sensation, reaching the top of the charts in multiple countries and establishing ATB as a leading figure in the electronic music scene. It remains one of his most iconic songs to date.

In 1999, ATB released his first studio album, “Movin’ Melodies,” which further solidified his status as a trance music luminary. The album featured tracks like “Don’t Stop” and “Killer,” showcasing his knack for crafting melodic and uplifting electronic music. Following the success of “Movin’ Melodies,” ATB continued to release albums that pushed the boundaries of trance music, including “Two Worlds” (2000), “Dedicated” (2002), and “No Silence” (2004).

One of ATB’s most notable achievements came with the release of his single “Ecstasy” in 2004. The track not only reached high chart positions but also became an anthem in the global dance music community.

Over the years, ATB has consistently evolved his sound, incorporating elements of progressive house, chillout, and ambient music into his repertoire. This versatility is evident in albums like “Trilogy” (2007) and “Contact” (2014), which showcased a more diverse and experimental approach to EDM.

ATB’s dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with audiences through his music have earned him a dedicated fan base worldwide. His performances at major music festivals and iconic venues have further cemented his status as a EDM icon.

In addition to his original productions, ATB has also been involved in numerous collaborations with other prominent artists in the EDM scene. He continues to produce and release new music, maintaining his influence on the ever-evolving electronic music landscape.

Here is a timeline summarizing key moments in ATB’s career:

  • 1998: ATB releases his breakthrough single, “9 PM (Till I Come).”
  • 1999: Debut studio album, “Movin’ Melodies,” is released.
  • 2000:Two Worlds” album expands ATB’s musical reach.
  • 2004: ATB releases the hit single “Ecstasy.”
  • 2007:Trilogy” showcases a more diverse sound.
  • 2014: Release of the album “Contact.”

ATB’s Discography:

  1. Movin’ Melodies” (1999)
  2. Two Worlds” (2000)
  3. Dedicated” (2002)
  4. No Silence” (2004)
  5. Trilogy” (2007)
  6. Contact” (2014)


  • André Tanneberger (ATB) – Sole member and the creative force behind the music.

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