Atlanta Rhythm Section (ARS) Information

Atlanta Rhythm Section (ARS) is a renowned American southern rock band with a storied history that stretches back several decades. Formed in the early 1970s, the band has played a pivotal role in shaping the southern rock genre and has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Origin and Formation:

ARS was formed in Doraville, Georgia in 1970. The band’s original lineup included some notable members who would go on to become key figures in southern rock history, including Dean Daughtry (keyboards), Robert Nix (drums), James B. Cobb Jr. (guitar), Dean Daughtry (keyboards), J.R. Cobb (guitar), and Paul Goddard (bass). This impressive assembly of talent set the stage for the band’s future success.

Timeline and History:

  • 1972: ARS released their debut album, “Atlanta Rhythm Section,” introducing their brand of southern rock to the world. The album featured tracks like “Doraville” and “Boogie Smoogie.”
  • 1973: The band released “Back Up Against the Wall,” which included the hit single “Doraville.” Their signature sound, characterized by a blend of rock, country, and blues influences, resonated with audiences.
  • 1974: ARS released “Third Annual Pipe Dream,” featuring the hit single “Doraville.” The album showcased their evolving songwriting and musical craftsmanship.
  • 1976: The release of “A Rock and Roll Alternative” marked a significant moment in the band’s history. The album included the hit single “So Into You,” which remains one of their most iconic songs.
  • 1977: “Champagne Jam” continued to build on the band’s success, solidifying their status in the southern rock scene. The album featured tracks like “Imaginary Lover” and “I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight.”
  • 1978: ARS released “Underdog,” which further showcased their musical versatility and ability to deliver catchy, radio-friendly tunes.
  • 1980: The band’s album “The Boys from Doraville” featured the hit single “Alien,” demonstrating their enduring appeal.
  • 1981: ARS released “Quinella,” an album that displayed their continued commitment to producing high-quality southern rock.
  • 1989: After a brief hiatus, the band returned with “Truth in a Structured Form,” a testament to their resilience and dedication to their craft.
  • 2000s: ARS continued to tour and perform live, delighting fans with their timeless hits and showcasing their enduring talent.
  • 2011: The band released “With All Due Respect,” an album that paid homage to some of their favorite songs by other artists.



  1. “Atlanta Rhythm Section” (1972)
  2. “Back Up Against the Wall” (1973)
  3. “Third Annual Pipe Dream” (1974)
  4. “Dog Days” (1975)
  5. “A Rock and Roll Alternative” (1976)
  6. “Champagne Jam” (1977)
  7. “Underdog” (1979)
  8. “The Boys from Doraville” (1980)
  9. “Quinella” (1981)
  10. “Truth in a Structured Form” (1989)
  11. “Eufaula” (2000)
  12. “With All Due Respect” (2011)

Singles (Selected):

  1. “So Into You” (1976)
  2. “Imaginary Lover” (1977)
  3. “I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight” (1977)
  4. “Alien” (1980)

Members (Past and Present):

Notable members of Atlanta Rhythm Section include:

  • Dean Daughtry – Keyboards
  • Robert Nix – Drums
  • James B. Cobb Jr. – Guitar
  • J.R. Cobb – Guitar
  • Paul Goddard – Bass
  • Various other musicians who contributed to the band’s lineup over the years.

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