Atlantic Starr Information

Atlantic Starr is an iconic American R&B and soul band with a history that spans several decades. Known for their smooth harmonies and timeless hits, the group has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Origin and Formation:

Atlantic Starr was formed in 1976 in White Plains, New York. The band’s original members included three brothers, David Lewis, Wayne Lewis, and Jonathan Lewis, along with lead singer Sharon Bryant and a rotating cast of other musicians.

Timeline and History:

  • 1976: Atlantic Starr began performing locally in the New York area, honing their craft and building a local following.
  • 1978: The band signed with A&M Records and released their self-titled debut album, “Atlantic Starr.” Although the album did not achieve widespread success, it laid the foundation for their future endeavors.
  • 1980: Atlantic Starr’s lineup evolved, and Sharon Bryant was replaced by Barbara Weathers as the lead vocalist. This change marked a turning point for the band.
  • 1982: The album “Brilliance” featured the hit single “Circles,” which earned the band their first taste of mainstream success. The song climbed the R&B charts and introduced Atlantic Starr’s distinctive sound to a broader audience.
  • 1983: The band released the album “Yours Forever,” which included the hit single “Touch a Four-Leaf Clover.” This song marked another step forward in their growing popularity.
  • 1985: Atlantic Starr achieved a major breakthrough with the release of the album “As the Band Turns.” The single “Secret Lovers” became a massive hit, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and solidifying the band’s status as R&B and pop stars.
  • 1987: The album “All in the Name of Love” continued the band’s success with hit singles like “Always” and “My First Love.” “Always” became one of their signature songs and remains a classic love ballad.
  • 1991: Atlantic Starr released their album “Love Crazy,” which included the single “Masterpiece,” another chart-topping hit. The song earned them a Grammy nomination.
  • 1994: The band released the album “Time.” While it didn’t match the commercial success of their earlier work, it showcased their enduring talent and musical versatility.
  • 1995: Atlantic Starr’s longtime members, David Lewis, Wayne Lewis, and Jonathan Lewis, left the band, marking a significant change in their lineup.
  • 2000s: Despite lineup changes, Atlantic Starr continued to perform live and maintain a presence in the music industry.



  1. “Atlantic Starr” (1978)
  2. “Straight to the Point” (1979)
  3. “Radiant” (1981)
  4. “Yours Forever” (1983)
  5. “As the Band Turns” (1985)
  6. “All in the Name of Love” (1987)
  7. “We’re Movin’ Up” (1989)
  8. “Love Crazy” (1991)
  9. “Time” (1994)


  1. “I’ll Remember You” (1998)

Singles (Selected):

  1. “Circles” (1982)
  2. “Secret Lovers” (1985)
  3. “Always” (1987)
  4. “My First Love” (1987)
  5. “Masterpiece” (1991)

Members (Past and Present):

Notable members of Atlantic Starr include:

  • Sharon Bryant – Lead Vocals (Original Member)
  • Barbara Weathers – Lead Vocals
  • David Lewis – Guitar, Vocals
  • Wayne Lewis – Keyboards, Vocals
  • Jonathan Lewis – Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Various other musicians who contributed to the band’s lineup over the years.

Official Social Media Accounts:

You can stay connected with Atlantic Starr and enjoy their timeless music through their official YouTube channel and Spotify page. These platforms offer a treasure trove of classic R&B and soul tracks that continue to captivate audiences around the world.

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