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Atlas, the New Zealand rock band formed in 2005, made a memorable mark on the alternative rock scene during their brief but impactful existence. Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, the band’s fusion of alternative rock elements and their distinctive sound earned them recognition in their homeland and beyond.

Timeline and History:

  • 2005: The band Atlas was founded in Christchurch, New Zealand. Comprising four talented members, Sean Cunningham (vocals, guitar), Ben Campbell (bass), Andy Lynch (lead guitar), and Joe McCallum (drums), they embarked on their musical journey.
  • 2008: Over the course of three years, Atlas worked diligently on their music, refining their sound and captivating audiences with their live performances. The band released their self-titled debut album, “Atlas,” which showcased their prowess in the alternative rock genre. Tracks like “Crawl” and “Battles” demonstrated their ability to craft catchy melodies and deliver powerful performances.
  • Late 2008: Despite their potential and growing fan base, Atlas disbanded later in the year, marking the end of their musical journey. While their time together was relatively short, their music left a lasting impact on the alternative rock scene in New Zealand.


  1. “Atlas” (2008) – Debut Album


  1. Sean Cunningham – Vocals, Guitar
  2. Ben Campbell – Bass
  3. Andy Lynch – Lead Guitar
  4. Joe McCallum – Drums
  5. Beth Campbell

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