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Atreyu is a renowned American metalcore band that has made a significant impact on the rock and metal scenes with their powerful music and dynamic performances. Formed in Yorba Linda, California in 1998, Atreyu’s history and timeline are characterized by their evolution as a band and their contributions to the metalcore genre.

1998: Atreyu was founded by Alex Varkatzas (vocals), Dan Jacobs (guitar), Travis Miguel (guitar), Chris Thompson (bass), and Brandon Saller (drums/vocals). They initially adopted the name “Retribution” but later changed it to Atreyu, inspired by the character in the novel “The NeverEnding Story.”

2002: The band released their debut studio album, “Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses,” which garnered attention for its blend of aggressive metalcore and melodic elements. This album featured tracks like “Lip Gloss and Black” and “Ain’t Love Grand.”

2004: Atreyu continued to gain popularity with their sophomore release, “The Curse,” which included hits like “Right Side of the Bed” and “The Crimson.” This album showcased their growth as musicians and songwriters.

2006: The band released “A Death-Grip On Yesterday,” which further solidified their position in the metalcore genre. Tracks like “Ex’s and Oh’s” and “The Theft” showcased their versatility.

2007: Atreyu released “Lead Sails Paper Anchor,” a departure from their earlier metalcore sound, leaning more towards alternative rock. This album marked a significant shift in their musical direction and featured songs like “Becoming the Bull” and “Falling Down.”

2009: The band returned to their metalcore roots with “Congregation of the Damned.” This album reaffirmed their ability to deliver heavy and emotionally charged music.

2011: Atreyu announced a temporary hiatus, during which members pursued various side projects and solo endeavors.

2014: The band returned from their hiatus with “Long Live,” which showcased a rejuvenated Atreyu. Songs like “Long Live” and “Do You Know Who You Are?” demonstrated their resilience and continued relevance.

2015: Chris Thompson left the band, and Marc “Porter” McKnight took over bass duties.

2018: Atreyu released “In Our Wake,” which continued to explore their signature blend of metalcore and alternative rock. This album featured tracks like “In Our Wake” and “The Time Is Now.”

2020: Atreyu’s evolution continued with the release of “Baptize,” which incorporated elements of modern metal and alternative rock. This album included songs like “Save Us” and “Warrior,” featuring Travis Barker and Matt Heafy.


Studio Albums:

  1. Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses” (2002)
  2. The Curse” (2004)
  3. A Death-Grip On Yesterday” (2006)
  4. Lead Sails Paper Anchor” (2007)
  5. Congregation of the Damned” (2009)
  6. Long Live” (2015)
  7. In Our Wake” (2018)
  8. Baptize” (2020)


  • Alex Varkatzas (vocals)
  • Dan Jacobs (guitar)
  • Travis Miguel (guitar)
  • Brandon Saller (drums/vocals)
  • Marc “Porter” McKnight (bass, since 2015)

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Twitter: @atreyuofficial

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