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Attila, a controversial American metalcore band known for their unapologetically brash attitude and fusion of metal and hip-hop influences, has made a distinct mark on the modern metal scene. The band’s history began in 2005 when they formed in Atlanta, Georgia, with members Chris Fronzak (also known as Fronzilla) on vocals, Nate Salameh on guitar, Sean Heenan on drums, and Paul Ollinger on bass.

In 2010, Attila gained attention with the release of their debut album “Rage”, which showcased their unique blend of aggressive breakdowns, catchy hooks, and Fronzilla’s divisive vocal style. The album’s irreverent lyrics and unabashed embrace of party culture set the tone for their future releases. Tracks like “Moshpit” and “Soda in the Water Cup” captured the band’s unapologetic approach and resonated with fans who appreciated their rebellious attitude.

Throughout their history, Attila’s music has been polarizing, drawing both fervent fans and vocal critics. Their subsequent albums, including “Outlawed” (2011) and “About That Life” (2013), continued to showcase their blend of metalcore and rap influences, leading to accusations of promoting controversial themes and lyrics.

In 2014, the band released “Guilty Pleasure”, an album that continued their tradition of blending metalcore with elements of hip-hop. The album explored themes of partying, excess, and defiance, encapsulating Attila’s carefree and provocative ethos. Tracks like “Proving Grounds” and “Horsepig” further cemented their reputation for creating music that deliberately challenges norms.

Throughout their history, Attila’s live performances have been marked by their energetic and chaotic nature, with Fronzilla’s commanding stage presence serving as a focal point. The band’s fans, known as the “Party Crew,” embraced the band’s message of living life to the fullest and embracing one’s individuality.

In 2016, Attila released “Chaos”, an album that continued their trajectory of blending metal and rap influences. Tracks like “Bulletproof” and “Ignite” embraced electronic elements while maintaining their aggressive edge. The band’s willingness to experiment with their sound while keeping their core essence intact demonstrated their evolution as musicians.

Attila’s music has also garnered criticism for its explicit content and seemingly controversial themes. Despite this, the band has maintained a dedicated fan base that connects with their unfiltered and in-your-face approach. Their history reflects their commitment to creating music that resonates with a specific audience unafraid of pushing boundaries.


  • “Fallacy” (2007) – Demo
  • “Soundtrack to a Party” (2008) – Demo
  • “Rage” (2010)
  • “Outlawed” (2011)
  • “About That Life” (2013)
  • “Guilty Pleasure” (2014)
  • “Chaos” (2016)
  • “Villain” (2019)


  • Chris Fronzak (vocals)
  • Chris Linck (guitar)
  • Kalan Blehm (bass)
  • Bryan McClure (drums)

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