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History and Timeline of Au/Ra:

Au/Ra, a talented singer and songwriter hailing from the beautiful island of Ibiza, has captivated audiences worldwide with her unique blend of alternative pop and electronic music. Here is a timeline of her journey:

2002: Au/Ra, whose real name is Jamie Lou Stenzel, was born on May 15, 2002, in Ibiza, Spain, into a family of musicians. Her early exposure to music and her rich artistic heritage would play a pivotal role in shaping her future.

2016: At the age of 14, Au/Ra signed her first record deal with RCA Records UK, marking the beginning of her professional music career.

2017: She released her debut single, “Concrete Jungle,” which introduced her distinctive voice and songwriting style. The song garnered attention for its introspective lyrics and catchy melodies.

2018: Au/Ra gained international recognition when she collaborated with German DJ and producer duo CamelPhat on the hit single “Panic Room.” The song became a chart-topper and propelled her to new heights in the music industry.

2019: She continued to release captivating singles like “Dance in the Dark” and “Emoji,” each showcasing her ability to craft unique and relatable pop-infused tracks.

2020: Au/Ra released the single “Ideas” in collaboration with American DJ and producer Alan Walker, further expanding her global presence in the electronic music scene.

2021: Her song “Dead Girl!” garnered attention for its hauntingly beautiful sound and poignant lyrics, solidifying her status as an emerging artist to watch.

Au/Ra’s distinctive voice, thought-provoking lyrics, and willingness to experiment with various musical styles have endeared her to a growing fanbase worldwide.


  1. “Concrete Jungle” (2017) – Debut Single
    • Notable Track: “Concrete Jungle”
  2. “Panic Room” (2018) – Single (with CamelPhat)
    • Notable Track: “Panic Room”
  3. Various Singles – Au/Ra has released several singles, including “Dance in the Dark,” “Emoji,” “Ideas”, and “Dead Girl!”, among others.

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