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Audio Adrenaline, a Christian rock band hailing from the United States, has left an indelible mark on the music scene with their energetic sound, meaningful lyrics, and impactful message. The history of Audio Adrenaline dates back to 1986 when they formed in Kentucky, originally consisting of Mark Stuart on vocals, Barry Blair on guitar, Will McGinniss on bass, and Brian Hayes on drums.

In 1990, the band’s history gained momentum with the release of their self-titled debut album, “Audio Adrenaline”. The album’s alternative rock sound and heartfelt lyrics quickly garnered attention in both the Christian and mainstream music scenes. Tracks like “A.K.A. Public School” and “My God” set the tone for their future endeavors, combining catchy melodies with spiritual themes.

Throughout their history, Audio Adrenaline’s music consistently delivered a positive and uplifting message, resonating with fans of all ages. Their second album, “Don’t Censor Me” (1993), continued their trajectory, with tracks like “Big House” becoming anthems of faith and celebration.

In 1996, Audio Adrenaline underwent a lineup change that would mark a pivotal moment in their history. Guitarist Barry Blair was replaced by Tyler Burkum, and the band released “Bloom” the same year. The album’s tracks, including “Never Gonna Be as Big as Jesus” and “See Through”, demonstrated their ability to evolve their sound while staying true to their core message.

The history of Audio Adrenaline took a new direction in the late 1990s as they embraced a more pop-oriented sound. Their album “Some Kind of Zombie” (1997) showcased this evolution, with tracks like the title track and “Get Down” incorporating electronic and dance elements. The album’s success further solidified their status as one of Christian rock’s most influential bands.

In the early 2000s, Audio Adrenaline’s history included several more albums that continued to resonate with fans. “Underdog” (1999) and “Lift” (2001) showcased their ability to maintain their identity while adapting to changing musical landscapes. The band’s energetic live performances and engaging stage presence also played a significant role in their enduring popularity.

In 2006, the history of Audio Adrenaline experienced a hiatus as the band took a break from touring and recording. However, their legacy continued to thrive as their music continued to inspire listeners around the world.

In a surprising turn of events, the band’s history took a remarkable twist in 2012 when former dc Talk member Kevin Max joined as the lead vocalist. The reimagined Audio Adrenaline released “Kings & Queens” in 2013, marking their comeback with a new lineup. The album’s title track and “Believer” captured the band’s renewed energy and passion, showcasing their ability to reinvent themselves while maintaining their core values.

Audio Adrenaline’s history has been marked by their commitment to charitable work as well. In 2004, they founded the “Hands and Feet Project”, an organization that provides care for orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti.

Despite various lineup changes and periods of transition, Audio Adrenaline’s history stands as a testament to their impact on both the Christian music scene and mainstream culture. Their ability to evolve their sound, maintain a positive message, and connect with audiences of all backgrounds has solidified their legacy as pioneers of Christian rock.


  • “Audio Adrenaline” (1990)
  • “Don’t Censor Me” (1993)
  • “Live Bootleg” (1995) – Live album
  • “Bloom” (1996)
  • “Some Kind of Zombie” (1997)
  • “Underdog” (1999)
  • “Lift” (2001)
  • “Worldwide” (2003)
  • “Until My Heart Caves In” (2005)
  • “Kings & Queens” (2013)


  • Mark Stuart (vocals)
  • Barry Blair (guitar, early years)
  • Will McGinniss (bass)
  • Brian Hayes (drums)
  • Tyler Burkum (guitar, post-1996)
  • Kevin Max (vocals, 2012 onwards)

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