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History and Timeline of Augustana:

Augustana is an American rock band known for their melodic and emotive music, characterized by introspective lyrics and a blend of folk-rock, pop-rock, and alternative influences. Formed in the early 2000s, the band has gone through various iterations and evolved their sound. Here is a timeline of their journey:

2003: Augustana was formed in San Diego, California, by lead vocalist and songwriter Dan Layus. The band’s name was inspired by the town of Augustana, South Dakota.

2005: The band released their debut album, “All the Stars and Boulevards”, which included the hit single “Boston.” The song received extensive radio play and became one of their signature tracks, helping to establish their presence in the music scene.

2006: Augustana embarked on a national tour, performing alongside bands like Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls, which further boosted their popularity.

2008: They released their second studio album, “Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt,” which featured tracks like “Sweet and Low” and “I Still Ain’t Over You.” The album continued to showcase their talent for crafting heartfelt songs.

2011: The band released their self-titled album, “Augustana,” which marked a departure from their earlier sound, incorporating more pop-rock elements. The album included songs like “Steal Your Heart” and “Wrong Side of Love.”

2012: After a period of touring and promoting their self-titled album, Augustana went on a hiatus, and Dan Layus pursued solo projects.

2013: Dan Layus released his debut solo album, “Dangerous Things,” which showcased his songwriting skills and a more stripped-down sound.

2015: Augustana regrouped with a new lineup, featuring Dan Layus as the sole original member. They released the album “Life Imitating Life,” which marked a return to their folk-rock roots. The album included tracks like “Ash and Ember” and “Need a Little Sunshine.”

2016: The band continued to tour and perform live shows, reconnecting with their dedicated fanbase.


Here is a list of Augustana’s notable releases:

  1. “All the Stars and Boulevards” (2005) – Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Boston,” “Stars and Boulevards”
  2. “Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt” (2008) – Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Sweet and Low,” “I Still Ain’t Over You”
  3. “Augustana” (2011) – Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Steal Your Heart,” “Wrong Side of Love”
  4. “Dangerous Things” (2013) – Solo Album by Dan Layus
  5. “Life Imitating Life” (2015) – Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Ash and Ember,” “Need a Little Sunshine”


Throughout their history, Augustana has experienced various lineup changes. However, the band’s founder and primary songwriter, Dan Layus, has been a consistent presence. The specific members in each iteration may vary.

Past members

  • Jared Palomar
  • Justin South
  • John Vincent
  • Josiah Rosen
  • Chris Sachtleben

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