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History and Timeline of Austra:

Austra is a Canadian electronic music project fronted by vocalist and producer Katie Stelmanis. Known for their ethereal and atmospheric soundscapes, Austra has made a significant impact on the electronic music scene. Here’s a timeline of their musical journey:

2009: Austra’s origins can be traced back to this year when Katie Stelmanis formed the project. Katie, who had a classical music background, brought her unique operatic vocal style into the electronic music realm.

2010: Austra’s early demos and performances garnered attention, leading to their first single, “The Beat and the Pulse,” which showcased their captivating blend of dark, electronic pop.

2011: The debut album, “Feel It Break,” was released to critical acclaim. The album featured mesmerizing tracks like “Lose It” and “Spellwork,” showcasing Katie’s haunting vocals and the band’s dark, synth-driven sound.

2013: Austra’s sophomore album, “Olympia,” was released. The album expanded on their sonic palette, incorporating elements of dance and disco into their music. Notable tracks included “Home” and “Forgive Me.”

2017: Austra’s third album, “Future Politics,” was released. The album explored themes of political activism and utopian ideals while maintaining their signature electronic sound. Tracks like “Utopia” and “Future Politics” received critical acclaim.

2020: Austra continued to evolve with their fourth album, “HiRUDiN,” which featured a more personal and introspective tone. The album’s title track and “I Am Not Waiting” highlighted the band’s ability to create emotionally resonant electronic music.

Throughout their career, Austra has consistently pushed the boundaries of electronic music, blending elements of synth-pop, darkwave, and operatic vocals to create a unique and atmospheric sound.


Here is a list of Austra’s notable albums:

  1. “Feel It Break” (2011)
    • Notable Tracks: “Lose It,” “Spellwork,” “The Beat and the Pulse”
  2. “Olympia” (2013)
    • Notable Tracks: “Home,” “Forgive Me,” “Painful Like”
  3. “Future Politics” (2017)
    • Notable Tracks: “Utopia,” “Future Politics,” “I’m a Monster”
  4. “HiRUDiN” (2020)
    • Notable Tracks: “HiRUDiN,” “I Am Not Waiting,” “Anywayz”

Austra’s discography showcases their growth and evolution as artists while maintaining a consistent commitment to creating captivating electronic music.


Austra is primarily the musical project of Katie Stelmanis, who serves as the lead vocalist, songwriter, and producer. While the project has featured other musicians during live performances and recordings, Katie Stelmanis remains the central creative force behind Austra.

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