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History and Timeline of Autograph:

Autograph is an American rock band formed in the early 1980s, known for their hit single “Turn Up the Radio.” They emerged during the glam metal era and left their mark on the rock music scene. Here’s a timeline of their musical journey:

1983: Autograph was formed in Pasadena, California by guitarist Steve Lynch, vocalist Steve Plunkett, bassist Randy Rand, and drummer Keni Mary. They initially gained attention on the local club circuit.

1984: The band signed a record deal with RCA Records and released their debut album, “Sign In Please.” The album featured the hit single “Turn Up the Radio,” which became their signature song and received extensive airplay on rock radio stations.

1985: Autograph continued to tour extensively, opening for notable rock acts and gaining a dedicated fanbase. Their energetic live performances contributed to their growing popularity.

1986: The band released their second album, “That’s the Stuff,” which included tracks like “Blondes in Black Cars” and “She Never Looked That Good for Me.” While the album didn’t match the commercial success of their debut, it showcased their musical prowess.

1987: Autograph released their third album, “Loud and Clear,” which featured songs like “Dance All Night” and “She’s a Tease.” The album further solidified their position in the glam metal scene.

1988: The band faced lineup changes, with Steve Plunkett leaving as the lead vocalist. He was replaced by Simon Daniels, and the band continued to tour and perform live.

1990s: As the glam metal era waned, Autograph experienced a period of relative inactivity. The band members pursued other musical endeavors and took breaks from the industry.

2000s: Autograph regrouped in the 2000s with a lineup that included Steve Plunkett, Steve Lynch, Randy Rand, and drummer Marc Wieland. They performed at rock festivals and nostalgia events.

2010s: The band continued to tour and occasionally release new music. They remained active on the rock music circuit, playing for both longtime fans and new generations of rock enthusiasts.

Throughout their career, Autograph’s most iconic song, “Turn Up the Radio,” remained a classic rock anthem, and the band is remembered for their contributions to the glam metal genre.


Here is a list of Autograph’s studio albums:

  1. “Sign In Please” (1984)
    • Notable Tracks: “Turn Up the Radio,” “Night Teen & Non-Stop,” “Deep End”
  2. “That’s the Stuff” (1985)
    • Notable Tracks: “Blondes in Black Cars,” “She Never Looked That Good for Me,” “Paint This Town”
  3. “Loud and Clear” (1987)
    • Notable Tracks: “Dance All Night,” “She’s a Tease,” “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend Isn’t Me”


  • Steve Lynch (guitar)
  • Randy Rand (bass)
  • Simon Daniels (vocals)
  • Marc Wieland (drums)

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