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History and Timeline of Autoheart:

Autoheart is a British indie pop band known for their emotionally charged and melodically rich music. Formed in London, the band has created a unique blend of indie and pop influences. Here’s a timeline of their musical journey:

2012: Autoheart was formed in London, England, by members Jody Gadsden (vocals, guitar), Simon Neilson (bass, keys), and David Roman (drums). Their shared passion for creating heartfelt and resonant music brought them together.

2013: The band released their debut album, “Punch”. The album featured tracks like “Control,” “Lent,” and “Moscow.” Their debut showcased their knack for crafting emotionally charged pop songs.

2015: Autoheart returned with their second album, “I Can Build a Fire.” The album continued to explore themes of love, loss, and personal growth. Tracks like “Agoraphobia” and “Beat the Love” highlighted their songwriting and musical maturity.

2018: The band released their third album, “I Know Better.” This album continued to receive critical acclaim and solidified their reputation for creating music that resonated with fans.

2020s: Autoheart remained active, performing live shows and connecting with their fanbase through their captivating music. They continued to explore new musical directions and experiment with their sound.

Autoheart’s music is characterized by its thoughtful lyrics, lush melodies, and a blend of indie, pop, and rock influences.


Here is a list of Autoheart’s notable albums:

  1. “Punch” (2013)
    • Notable Tracks: “Control,” “Lent,” “Moscow”
  2. “I Can Build a Fire” (2015)
    • Notable Tracks: “Agoraphobia,” “Beat the Love,” “Oxford Blood”
  3. “I Know Better” (2018)
    • Notable Tracks: “My Hallelujah,” “Winter Dust,” “Same Sky”


  • Jody Gadsden (vocals, guitar)
  • Simon Neilson (bass, keys)
  • David Roman (drums)

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