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History and Timeline of Autopilot Off:

Autopilot Off was a punk rock band hailing from the United States, known for their energetic and melodic sound. The band formed in the late 1990s and experienced changes in their lineup over the years. Here’s a timeline of their musical journey:

1996: Autopilot Off was formed in Orange County, New York, by members Chris Hughes (vocals, guitar), Chris Johnson (bass), Rob Kucharek (drums), and Phil Robinson (guitar). They initially started as a punk rock cover band known as Cooter.

2000: The band adopted the name Autopilot Off and released their debut EP, “Regenerator.” The EP featured songs like “Divine Intervention” and marked their transition into writing original music.

2002: Autopilot Off released their first full-length studio album, “Looking Up”. The album included tracks like “Chromatic Fades” and “Long Way to Fall” and showcased their melodic punk rock sound.

2004: The band released their second full-length album, “Make a Sound.” The album included notable tracks like “Clockwork” and “Exit Signs” and further solidified their presence in the punk rock scene.

2005: Autopilot Off experienced a lineup change, with guitarist Phil Robinson leaving the band. This change marked a transition period for the group.

2006: The band went on an indefinite hiatus, and members pursued other musical projects and interests. Autopilot Off’s activity slowed down significantly during this time.

Despite their relatively short active years as Autopilot Off, the band left a mark in the punk rock genre with their catchy melodies and punk sensibilities.


Here is a list of Autopilot Off’s notable releases:

  1. “Regenerator” (2000) – EP
    • Notable Tracks: “Divine Intervention,” “Nothing Frequency,” “Raise Your Rifles”
  2. “Looking Up” (2002) – Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Chromatic Fades,” “Long Way to Fall,” “The 12th Day”
  3. “Make a Sound” (2004) – Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Clockwork,” “Exit Signs,” “Voice in the Dark”


  • Chris Hughes (vocals, guitar)
  • Chris Johnson (bass)
  • Rob Kucharek (drums)

Official Social Media Accounts:

As of September 2021, Autopilot Off did not have official social media accounts or an active online presence. However, their music can still be found on platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Platform Link
YouTube Autopilot Off on YouTube
Spotify Autopilot Off on Spotify

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