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History and Timeline of Autopsy:

Autopsy is a pioneering American death metal band that played a crucial role in shaping the genre during its early years. Formed in California, the band’s brutal and uncompromising sound made them a significant influence on the death metal and extreme metal scenes. Here’s a timeline of their influential musical journey:

1987: Autopsy was formed in San Francisco, California, by members Chris Reifert (vocals, drums), Eric Cutler (guitar), Danny Coralles (guitar), and Ken Sorvari (bass). The band’s name reflected their fascination with gore and the macabre.

1989: Autopsy released their debut album, “Severed Survival.” The album featured tracks like “Charred Remains” and “In the Grip of Winter” and showcased their raw and intense death metal sound. It received critical acclaim in the underground metal scene.

1991: The band released their second album, “Mental Funeral.” This album continued to establish Autopsy as a force in the death metal genre, with tracks like “Retribution for the Dead” and “In the Grip of Winter” becoming fan favorites.

1992: Autopsy released the EP “Fiend for Blood,” which featured new material along with live tracks. The EP demonstrated their consistency and brutality as a band.

1993: Autopsy released their third full-length album, “Acts of the Unspeakable.” This album pushed the boundaries of extremity in death metal, with tracks like “Sewn into One” and “Frozen with Fear.”

1994: Autopsy released their fourth album, “Shitfun,” which showcased their willingness to experiment with their sound. The album featured a mix of death metal and punk influences.

1995: Autopsy disbanded, and members pursued other musical projects and interests. The band left a lasting legacy in the death metal scene.

2010: Autopsy reunited with their classic lineup and played live shows, rekindling interest in their influential sound.

2011: The band released their fifth album, “Macabre Eternal,” marking their return to studio recordings after a long hiatus. The album received positive reviews and showcased their enduring impact on the genre.

2020s: Autopsy remained active, releasing new material and continuing to tour, solidifying their position as one of the legendary acts in death metal.

Autopsy’s music is characterized by its gruesome and visceral lyrics, crushing riffs, and Chris Reifert’s distinctive guttural vocals.


Here is a list of Autopsy’s notable studio albums:

  1. “Severed Survival” (1989)
    • Notable Tracks: “Charred Remains,” “Service for a Vacant Coffin,” “In the Grip of Winter”
  2. “Mental Funeral” (1991)
    • Notable Tracks: “Retribution for the Dead,” “In the Grip of Winter,” “Dead”
  3. “Acts of the Unspeakable” (1992)
    • Notable Tracks: “Sewn into One,” “Frozen with Fear,” “Death Twitch”
  4. “Shitfun” (1994)
    • Notable Tracks: “Deathmask,” “Bowel Ripper,” “I Sodomize Your Corpse”
  5. “Macabre Eternal” (2011)
    • Notable Tracks: “Hand of Darkness,” “Sewn into One,” “Dirty Gore Whore”


  • Chris Reifert (vocals, drums)
  • Eric Cutler (guitar)
  • Danny Coralles (guitar)
  • Ken Sorvari (bass)

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