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History and Timeline of Avant

Avant, the stage name of American R&B singer Myron Avant, has made a significant impact on the music industry with his smooth vocals and soulful style. Avant’s journey as an artist is characterized by his dedication to R&B music and his ability to create timeless hits. Here’s a timeline highlighting key events and milestones in the history of Avant:

1978 – Birth of Myron Avant:

  • Myron Lavell Avant, who would later become known as Avant, was born on April 26, 1978, in Cleveland, Ohio.

1998 – Debut Album “My Thoughts”:

  • Avant released his debut studio album, “My Thoughts,” which included tracks like “Separated” and “Read Your Mind.” The album marked his entry into the R&B music scene.

2000 – “Ecstasy” and Rising Fame:

  • He released the album “Ecstasy,” featuring hit singles like “Makin’ Good Love” and “Don’t Say No, Just Say Yes,” which contributed to his rising fame.

2002 – “Private Room”:

  • Avant released the album “Private Room,” which included songs like “Don’t Take Your Love Away” and “Reaction.” The album continued to showcase his sultry and romantic R&B style.

2003 – “The VIII”:

  • He released “The VIII,” featuring tracks like “When It Hurts” and “Don’t Say No, Just Say Yes (Remix).” The album emphasized his consistency as an R&B artist.

2006 – “Director”:

  • Avant released “Director,” which included tracks like “4 Minutes” and “You Know What.” The album showcased his growth as a vocalist and songwriter.

2008 – “Avant” and Continued Success:

  • He released a self-titled album, “Avant,” which featured songs like “When It Hurts” and “Lie About Us.” The album continued his streak of successful R&B releases.

2010 – “The Letter”:

  • Avant released “The Letter,” featuring tracks like “Kiss Goodbye” and “Body Police.” The album maintained his reputation for delivering soulful R&B ballads.

2013 – “Face the Music”:

  • He released “Face the Music,” which included songs like “You & I” and “More.” The album received positive reviews for its classic R&B sound.

2015 – “The VIII” Revisited:

  • Avant revisited his 2003 album “The VIII” and released a deluxe edition, featuring additional tracks and remixes.

2019 – “Can We Fall in Love”:

  • He released “Can We Fall in Love,” which showcased his continued ability to create heartfelt R&B music.

2022 – Ongoing Career:

  • As of the current year, Avant continues to be a respected figure in the R&B genre, captivating audiences with his soulful voice and romantic ballads.


Avant’s discography reflects his dedication to R&B music:

Studio Albums:

  1. My Thoughts” (1998)
    • Notable Tracks: “Separated,” “Read Your Mind,” “My First Love”
  2. Ecstasy” (2002)
    • Notable Tracks: “Makin’ Good Love,” “Don’t Say No, Just Say Yes,” “Don’t Take Your Love Away”
  3. Private Room” (2003)
    • Notable Tracks: “Don’t Take Your Love Away,” “Reaction,” “Read Your Mind (Remix)”
  4. The VIII” (2006)
    • Notable Tracks: “4 Minutes,” “You Know What,” “Director”
  5. Avant” (2008)
    • Notable Tracks: “When It Hurts,” “Lie About Us,” “Break Ya Back”
  6. The Letter” (2010)
    • Notable Tracks: “Kiss Goodbye,” “Body Police,” “Your Body Is the Business”
  7. Face the Music” (2013)
    • Notable Tracks: “You & I,” “More,” “Best Friend”
  8. Can We Fall in Love” (2019)
    • Notable Tracks: “Not Gone Lose,” “Can We Fall in Love,” “Edible”

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Avant’s contribution to the R&B genre has been marked by his soulful voice and romantic ballads. Follow him on his official social media accounts to stay updated on his music releases and ongoing career in the world of R&B.

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