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History and Timeline of AVEC

AVEC, the musical project of Austrian singer-songwriter Miriam Hufnagl, has gained recognition for its emotive and introspective folk-pop sound. Miriam’s journey as AVEC has been marked by heartfelt lyrics and a captivating presence in the indie music scene. Here’s a timeline highlighting key events and milestones in the history of AVEC:

1991 – Birth of Miriam Hufnagl:

  • Miriam Hufnagl, the talent behind AVEC, was born on August 12, 1991, in the Austrian town of Lackenbach.

2015 – AVEC’s Emergence:

  • AVEC began her musical journey in the Austrian indie music scene, initially performing under her real name, Miriam Hufnagl.

2016 – Debut Album “What If We Never Forget”:

  • AVEC released her debut album, “What If We Never Forget,” which featured songs like “Darling” and “Waiting for.” The album showcased her introspective songwriting and melodic folk-pop sound.

2018 – “Heaven/Hell” EP:

  • AVEC released the EP “Heaven/Hell,” further establishing her presence in the indie music landscape. The EP featured tracks like “Home” and “Old School.”

2019 – “Heartbeats” Album:

  • AVEC released her album “Heartbeats,” which received critical acclaim and included songs like “Under Water” and “Bones.” The album showcased her growth as an artist and her ability to convey raw emotions through her music.

2020 – “Torn” Album and Musical Evolution:

  • AVEC released her album “Torn,” which marked a sonic evolution, incorporating electronic elements into her folk-pop sound. The album included tracks like “Dead” and “Talk.”

2021 – “Homesick” Album:

  • She released her album “Homesick,” which continued to explore themes of introspection and emotional depth. The album featured songs like “Silent Reverie” and “Paralyzed.”

2023 – Ongoing Journey:

  • As of the current year, AVEC continues to captivate audiences with her soulful voice and emotionally charged music, solidifying her status as a notable figure in the indie folk-pop genre.


AVEC’s discography reflects her evolution as a singer-songwriter:


  1. What If We Never Forget” (2016)
    • Notable Tracks: “Darling,” “Waiting for,” “Granny”
  2. Heartbeats” (2019)
    • Notable Tracks: “Under Water,” “Bones,” “Fever”
  3. Torn” (2020)
    • Notable Tracks: “Dead,” “Talk,” “Youth”
  4. Homesick” (2021)
    • Notable Tracks: “Silent Reverie,” “Paralyzed,” “Ripples”


  • Heaven/Hell” (2018)
    • Notable Tracks: “Home,” “Old School,” “Wasted Time”

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AVEC’s music is a heartfelt exploration of life’s complexities, delivered through her emotive vocals and introspective lyrics. Follow her on her official social media accounts to stay updated on her music releases and artistic journey.

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