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History and Timeline of Aviana

Aviana is a Swedish metalcore band known for their powerful and emotive music. With a blend of heavy riffs, melodic passages, and intense vocals, the band has made a significant impact in the modern metalcore scene. Here’s a detailed history and timeline of Aviana’s musical journey.

Formation and Early Years (2012-2015)

Aviana was formed in 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The band’s early years were marked by lineup changes and the process of finding their distinctive sound. They drew inspiration from various subgenres of metal and hardcore, which contributed to their unique musical direction.

“Polarize” Debut Album (2017)

In 2017, Aviana released their debut album, “Polarize.” This marked a significant step in their career, showcasing their ability to combine heavy and melodic elements seamlessly. The album received positive reviews from both fans and critics, earning them recognition in the metalcore community.

Continued Growth and “Epicenter” (2019)

Building on the success of their debut, Aviana released their second album, “Epicenter,” in 2019. The album demonstrated their growth as songwriters and musicians, with tracks like “My Worst Enemy” and “Heavy Feather” exemplifying their ability to craft emotionally charged songs.

Member Changes and Evolution (2020-Present)

In 2020, Aviana underwent significant member changes, including the departure of some original members. Despite these changes, the band continued to evolve and released new music, demonstrating their resilience and commitment to their craft.


Here is a list of Aviana’s notable releases:

  1. Polarize” (2017)
    • Notable Tracks: “Canvas,” “Solar,” “Erase Me”
  2. Epicenter” (2019)
    • Notable Tracks: “My Worst Enemy,” “Heavy Feather,” “Nocturnal”


  • Joel Holmqvist (Vocals)
  • Marcus Heffler (Guitar)
  • Sebastian Colque (Guitar)
  • Maximilian Kecke (Bass)
  • Niclas Bergström (Drums)

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