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History and Timeline of Aviators

Aviators is the artistic pseudonym of Tyler Shaw, a versatile and independent musician based in Florida. He is known for his exceptional talent in creating cinematic music across a wide spectrum of genres, including alternative, orchestral, synthwave, and electronica. Aviators’ musical journey has been marked by creativity, diversity, and a passion for producing music not only for various media but also for pure enjoyment.

Early Beginnings and Musical Exploration

Aviators’ journey into the world of music began with a deep-seated passion for creativity and sound. He embarked on his musical path, exploring different genres and experimenting with various styles. During these formative years, Aviators honed his skills and developed a unique musical identity that would set him apart in the independent music scene.

YouTube and Online Presence

Aviators established a strong online presence through platforms like YouTube. His channel became a hub for sharing his original compositions, covers, and music videos. The platform allowed him to connect with a global audience of fans who appreciated his multifaceted approach to music.

Prolific Output and Diverse Soundscapes

One of the defining characteristics of Aviators’ career has been his prolific output and willingness to explore diverse soundscapes. He demonstrated an impressive ability to transition seamlessly between genres, whether crafting emotionally charged orchestral compositions or capturing the nostalgia of ’80s synthwave.

Scoring for Video Games and Movies

Beyond his own music, Aviators has ventured into the world of video game and movie scoring. His compositions have enhanced the storytelling and atmosphere of various media projects. This expansion of his creative reach solidified his reputation as a versatile composer.

“From All Sides” and Full-Length Albums

In 2014, Aviators released the album “From All Sides,” which showcased his ability to weave intricate stories into his music. The album featured tracks like “Fading Light” and “Chasing the Skyline” that resonated with listeners.

Aviators has continued to release full-length albums and EPs, each exploring different musical landscapes and themes. His discography includes a diverse range of albums and tracks, each reflecting his evolution as an artist.


Here are some of Aviators’ notable releases:

  1. From All Sides” (2014)
    • Notable Tracks: “Fading Light,” “Chasing the Skyline,” “The Adventure”
  2. Stargazers” (2014)
    • Notable Tracks: “Open Your Eyes,” “The Elements,” “Second Universe”
  3. Dystopian Fiction II” (2019)
    • Notable Tracks: “Red Water,” “Building Better Worlds,” “Angels”

Aviators’ discography is characterized by its emotional depth, storytelling, and musical versatility.


Aviators is primarily the work of Tyler Shaw, who is responsible for the composition, production, and vocals in his music. While he may collaborate with other artists on occasion, Aviators is fundamentally a solo project.

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