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History and Timeline of awfultune (Layla Eden)

awfultune, also known as Layla Eden, is a talented singer-songwriter and storyteller who has made a significant impact on the music scene. Her journey from indie bedroom-pop obscurity to amassing over 80 million global streams is a testament to her creative prowess and emotional depth.

Early Beginnings and Independent Music (2018-2019)

Layla Eden, at the age of 22, began her musical journey in 2018. Armed with just a laptop in upstate New York, she started producing and releasing music independently. This marked the inception of her artistic career as awfultune.

Emergence and Global Recognition (2019-2020)

In the span of just a couple of years, awfultune’s music began to resonate with a worldwide audience. Her unique blend of storytelling and emotive vocals drew listeners in, and she quickly gained a following. By 2020, she had reached over 80 million global streams, officially emerging from indie bedroom-pop obscurity.

“Dear Sarah” EP (2021)

awfultune’s EP, “Dear Sarah,” released on December 2, 2021, represents a significant milestone in her career. This project delves into emotional truth and narrative exploration, consisting of 2 songs and 2 interludes. The character of Sarah, Layla’s bold and uninhibited alter ego, takes center stage in this EP. It serves as both a love letter to herself and a profound expression of identity and self-discovery.

A Stand-Out Addition: “I Met Sarah In The Bathroom”

One of the standout tracks from the “Dear Sarah” EP is “I Met Sarah In The Bathroom.” This song showcases awfultune’s storytelling prowess and adds to her collection of wistful, Lo-fi compositions that have captured the imaginations of millions of listeners worldwide. Its unapologetic narrative and emotional depth make it a remarkable addition to her body of work.

Embracing Authenticity and Advocacy (2021-Present)

awfultune’s journey as Layla Eden has been marked by a commitment to embracing authenticity. In a watershed moment in her life, she underwent a gender re-identification, leading to a profound sense of peace and self-acceptance. This transformation has deeply influenced her artistry and storytelling, infusing her work with a raw and uninhibited verve.

Advocacy and Documentary Project

Beyond her music, Layla Eden is actively engaged in advocacy work. She is an austere champion of the LGBTQ+ community and a perpetual advocate for anyone who has felt alone or estranged from themselves. Her journey and advocacy efforts are openly documented through Instagram, where she shares her experiences with her supportive fanbase. Furthermore, a mini-documentary following her journey is in production, set to be released in the new year.


awfultune’s discography showcases her ability to craft emotionally charged and evocative music. While she continues to evolve as an artist, her past releases have left a lasting impact. Here are some notable works:

  1. “Dear Sarah” (EP, 2021)
    • Notable Tracks:
      • “I Met Sarah In The Bathroom”
      • (Other tracks from the EP)
  2. (Additional releases as per awfultune’s discography)

Members Name

awfultune is the artistic moniker of Layla Eden. She is a solo artist who creates and performs her music.

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