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History and Timeline of AWOLNATION

AWOLNATION is an American alternative rock band known for their eclectic sound and chart-topping hits. Formed by talented musician Aaron Bruno, the band has made significant waves in the music industry. Let’s delve into the history and timeline of AWOLNATION’s journey.

Formation of AWOLNATION (2010)

AWOLNATION was formed in 2010 by musician Aaron Bruno. After his previous musical projects, Bruno embarked on a new musical endeavor with the vision of creating a genre-blurring sound that incorporated elements of rock, electronic, and alternative music.

Debut Album “Megalithic Symphony” (2011)

In 2011, AWOLNATION released their debut album, “Megalithic Symphony.” The album featured the breakout single “Sail,” which became a massive hit and remains one of their most iconic songs. “Sail” propelled AWOLNATION into the mainstream music scene.

Chart-Topping Success (2012-2013)

Following the success of “Sail,” AWOLNATION’s popularity soared. The band’s unique blend of rock and electronic music resonated with a wide audience, and they continued to produce hit songs such as “Not Your Fault” and “Kill Your Heroes.” These tracks solidified their chart-topping status.

Album “Run” (2015)

In 2015, AWOLNATION released their second album, “Run.” This album showcased their evolving sound and included songs like “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” and “I Am.” “Run” received positive reviews and further established AWOLNATION as a force in the alternative rock scene.

Touring and Live Performances (2010s-Present)

AWOLNATION is known for their energetic and captivating live performances. They have embarked on multiple tours, including headlining their own shows and performing at major music festivals, allowing them to connect with fans around the world.

Continued Musical Exploration (Present Day)

In the present day, AWOLNATION continues to push the boundaries of their sound. Their music explores various genres, from rock to electronic to indie, resulting in a dynamic and ever-evolving discography.


AWOLNATION’s discography includes several albums and singles that reflect their musical journey. Some notable releases from their catalog include:

  1. “Megalithic Symphony” (2011) – Their debut album featuring the hit single “Sail.”
  2. “Run” (2015) – The band’s second album that expanded their sonic horizons.
  3. (Additional albums and notable releases as per AWOLNATION’s discography)

Members Name

AWOLNATION is primarily the creative vision of Aaron Bruno, who serves as the lead vocalist and songwriter. While the band has had various members contributing to live performances and studio recordings, Aaron Bruno is the driving force behind the project.

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