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History and Timeline of AWS

AWS, short for Alternative Warung Solution, is a Hungarian alternative rock and metal band known for their energetic performances and distinctive sound. Let’s explore the history and timeline of this dynamic musical group.

Formation and Early Years (2006)

AWS was formed in Budapest, Hungary, in 2006. The band’s initial lineup consisted of talented musicians who shared a passion for alternative rock and metal music. From the outset, AWS aimed to create music that was both innovative and emotionally charged.

Debut Album “Fata Morgana” (2007)

In 2007, AWS released their debut album titled “Fata Morgana.” This album introduced their unique blend of alternative rock and metal to the Hungarian music scene. Songs like “Fekete” and “Vírus” showcased their powerful sound and introspective lyrics.

Eurovision Song Contest (2018)

AWS gained international recognition when they represented Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. Their song “Viszlát Nyár” conveyed a powerful message about mental health and touched the hearts of viewers across Europe. AWS’s energetic and emotional performance earned them a respectable 21st place in the competition.

Album “Régi Iskolás” (2019)

In 2019, AWS released their album “Régi Iskolás,” which continued to explore their signature sound. The album featured tracks like “Kintsugi” and “Ma kergetőzz” that resonated with their growing fan base.

Live Performances and Festival Appearances (2010s-Present)

AWS is known for their electrifying live performances. They have played at numerous festivals, including Hungary’s Sziget Festival, and have built a reputation for their high-energy shows that leave audiences wanting more.

Evolution and Musical Growth (Present Day)

In the present day, AWS continues to evolve as a band. They explore new musical directions while staying true to their alternative rock and metal roots. Their commitment to pushing creative boundaries keeps their music fresh and exciting.


AWS’s discography includes a series of albums and singles that reflect their musical journey. Some notable releases from their catalog include:

  1. “Fata Morgana” (2007) – Debut album introducing their powerful sound.
  2. “Régi Iskolás” (2019) – An album that continued to showcase their signature style.

Members Name

The core members of AWS include:

  • Bence Brucker – Vocals
  • Dániel Kökényes – Guitar
  • Örs Siklósi – Guitar
  • Soma Schiszler – Bass
  • Áron Veress – Drums

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