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History and Timeline of Ayanis

Ayanis is a talented artist whose journey in the music industry has been marked by dedication and creativity. Let’s explore the history and timeline of Ayanis’s career.

Early Beginnings and Musical Passion

Ayanis’s passion for music ignited at a young age. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, she was exposed to diverse musical influences that would shape her artistic identity. Her early years were marked by a love for singing and songwriting, setting the foundation for her future endeavors.

YouTube Covers and Online Presence

In the digital age, Ayanis leveraged platforms like YouTube to showcase her vocal prowess. She gained recognition through her covers of popular songs, which garnered a growing online following. Her early online presence allowed her to connect with music enthusiasts and build a fanbase.

Debut Single and Signing with Atlantic Records (2016)

A pivotal moment in Ayanis’s career occurred in 2016 when she released her debut single, “Wait A Minute.” The track showcased her distinctive R&B sound and gained traction in the music industry. Her talent did not go unnoticed, as she soon caught the attention of major record labels.

Ayanis signed with Atlantic Records, a significant milestone that opened doors to new opportunities and resources for her musical journey.

Growth and Collaborations (2017-2019)

Ayanis continued to evolve as an artist, releasing more music and collaborating with fellow musicians. Her sultry and soulful vocals resonated with fans, and tracks like “F.I.Y.T.” (F* It Up Tonight)** and “One Night” showcased her artistry.

“Yani” EP (2019)

In 2019, Ayanis released her debut EP, “Yani,” which further solidified her position in the R&B and soul music scene. The EP featured tracks like “Ecstasy” and “Emotions”, where Ayanis explored themes of love and sensuality through her emotive lyrics and captivating melodies.

Continued Artistic Exploration and Fan Engagement (2020-Present)

As Ayanis’s career progressed, she continued to experiment with her sound and connect with her audience. Her music often delves into themes of love, relationships, and empowerment. She maintains an active presence on social media, engaging with her fans and sharing her creative journey.


Ayanis’s discography includes various singles and the EP “Yani.” Here are some notable releases:

  1. “Wait A Minute” (2016) – Debut single that introduced her to the music industry.
  2. “F.I.Y.T.” (F* It Up Tonight)** – A fan-favorite track showcasing her R&B style.
  3. “One Night” – Another single that gained recognition.

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