AYLO Information

History and Timeline of AYLO

AYLO, a renowned German rapper and TikTok sensation, has made a significant impact on the music and social media scenes.AYLO was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. While her career has taken her to great heights, she remains connected to her roots and has drawn inspiration from her hometown in her music. Here’s a detailed history and timeline of her journey:

Early Life and TikTok Debut (2019)

AYLO, born and raised in Berlin, Germany, began her journey as a content creator in October 2019 when she made her debut on TikTok. Her early content encompassed vlog-style videos, crafting tutorials, cooking demonstrations, and promotions of her music. This marked the inception of her rise to fame on the platform.

Rise to TikTok Stardom (2020-2021)

With her engaging and multifaceted content, AYLO quickly gained popularity on TikTok. Her TikTok account became a hub for her growing fan base, attracting more than 1.2 million followers and 69 million likes. She used her platform not only to showcase her music but also to connect with her audience in a unique and personal way.

Music Releases on YouTube (2020-2021)

AYLO utilized her Aylo YouTube channel as a primary platform for releasing her music. Despite having around 50,000 subscribers, her videos garnered significant attention, with the video for “Teardrops” amassing over 1.7 million views. This demonstrated her ability to reach a wide audience through her compelling music and visuals.


AYLO’s music career has been marked by notable releases, including her 2021 album “04:00 AM.” Her music is characterized by its unique blend of rap and contemporary styles. Some of her key works include:

  • Album: “04:00 AM” (2021)
  • Single: “Teardrops”

Official Social Media Accounts

Connect with AYLO on her official social media accounts and streaming platforms:

Platform Link
TikTok tiktok.com/@aylo
YouTube youtube.com/aylo
Spotify spotify.com/aylo
Instagram instagram.com/aylo
Twitter twitter.com/aylo
Facebook facebook.com/aylo

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