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History and Timeline of Ayria

Ayria, the electronic music project led by Canadian musician Jennifer Parkin, has made a significant impact on the industrial and synthpop music scenes. Let’s explore the history and timeline of this innovative project.

Formation of Ayria (2003)

Ayria was formed in 2003 by Jennifer Parkin, a talented vocalist and songwriter from Canada. Drawing inspiration from industrial, synthpop, and electronic music, Parkin aimed to create a unique sound that would blend elements of these genres.

Debut Album “Debris” (2003)

In the same year of its formation, Ayria released its debut album, “Debris.” The album showcased Jennifer Parkin’s signature sultry vocals and dark, electronic soundscapes. Songs like “Disease” and “My Device” established Ayria’s presence in the electronic music scene.

Continued Releases and Success (2000s-2010s)

Over the years, Ayria continued to release albums and singles that pushed the boundaries of electronic music. Jennifer Parkin’s distinctive style and lyrics exploring themes of identity, relationships, and technology resonated with fans. Some notable albums and releases include:

  • Flicker” (2005): An album that further solidified Ayria’s standing in the synthpop and industrial genres.
  • Hearts for Bullets” (2008): An album that explored themes of love, heartbreak, and resilience through a blend of electronic sounds.
  • Plastic Makes Perfect” (2013): An album that continued to evolve Ayria’s sound, incorporating elements of dance and pop music.

Collaborations and Live Performances

Ayria has collaborated with various artists in the electronic and industrial music scenes, further expanding its musical horizons. Jennifer Parkin has also performed live shows, bringing Ayria’s music to audiences around the world.



  • Debris” (2003)
  • Flicker” (2005)
  • Hearts for Bullets” (2008)
  • Plastic Makes Perfect” (2013)


  • Ayria has released several EPs and remix albums throughout its career.


  • Ayria has a collection of singles, including collaborations and remixes.

Key Members

Ayria is primarily the project of Jennifer Parkin, who serves as the vocalist, songwriter, and creative force behind the music. While Jennifer Parkin is the driving force of Ayria, various collaborators and musicians have contributed to the project over the years.

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