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Az Yet: History and Timeline

Az Yet, an American R&B group from Philadelphia, made significant waves in the music industry during the 1990s. Known for their harmonious vocals and soulful ballads, the group established themselves as one of the era’s prominent R&B acts.

1990-1992: Formation and Early Days Az Yet was formed in Philadelphia in the early ’90s. The initial members came together with a shared love for music, aiming to create memorable R&B tracks that resonated with audiences.

1996: Self-titled Debut and “Last Night” The year 1996 marked a significant point in Az Yet’s career. They released their debut self-titled album “Az Yet” under LaFace Records. The album included the single “Last Night“, which not only became an R&B hit but also crossed over to pop charts, bringing widespread recognition to the group.

1997: “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” In 1997, Az Yet released their rendition of Chicago’s ballad “Hard to Say I’m Sorry“. The track, which featured Peter Cetera, became a major hit and is perhaps one of the group’s most recognized songs.

Late 1990s: Line-up Changes and Continued Success Post their initial success, the group underwent several line-up changes. Despite these shifts, Az Yet continued to maintain its essence and delivered heart-touching music to its fans.

2000s: Struggles and Hiatus The early 2000s were challenging for Az Yet. The group faced internal issues and struggled to replicate the success of their earlier hits. This period saw fewer releases, and the group eventually went on a hiatus.

2010s-Present: Reunion and Legacy Rekindling their bond, members of Az Yet decided to reunite in the 2010s. They have since been performing at various events, celebrating the legacy of their music and the timeless appeal of their hits.


  • Albums:
    • “Az Yet” (1996)
    • “That B U” (2004)
    • “She’s Magic” (2019)


Az Yet’s lineup has seen changes over the years, but key members include:

  • Marc Nelson – One of the founding members, Marc contributed significantly to the group’s vocals.
  • Dion Allen – Another integral member, Dion’s voice is a staple in many of Az Yet’s tracks.
  • Darryl Anthony – Known for his powerful vocals, Darryl has been an essential part of Az Yet’s success.
  • Kenny Terry – Kenny’s distinctive voice added depth to the group’s harmonies.

Other members and collaborators over the years include Tony Grant, Claude Thomas, Shawn Rivera, and Dante Harper.

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