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Azealia Banks: History and Timeline

Azealia Banks, born on May 31, 1991, in New York City, USA, is a multifaceted talent known for her skills as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Her music is a blend of hip-hop, house, and R&B, and she is known for her provocative lyrics and fiery personality.

1991-2008: Early Life Azealia spent her childhood in Harlem and faced many struggles, including the death of her father when she was just two. Despite these challenges, her interest in the performing arts began early on. By the age of 10, she began performing in off-Broadway musicals.

2008-2011: Entry into the Music World In 2008, Azealia released her debut recording, “Gimme a Chance” under the moniker Miss Bank$. Two years later, she caught significant attention with her single “212“, which was both critically acclaimed and controversial for its explicit lyrics.

2012-2014: “Broke with Expensive Taste” In 2014, after a series of delays and label disputes, Azealia released her debut album, “Broke with Expensive Taste“. It showcased her diverse range, moving fluidly between genres. This period was also marked by her outspokenness on social media, leading to both admiration and backlash.

2015-Present: Ongoing Projects and Controversies Over the years, Azealia has been involved in various projects and has released several singles and mixtapes. She’s also acted, making her film debut in 2015’s “Love Beats Rhymes”. However, her career has often been overshadowed by her controversial statements and feuds with other artists, which she regularly airs on social media platforms.


  • Albums:
    • “Broke with Expensive Taste” (2014)
  • Mixtapes:
    • “Fantasea” (2012)
    • “Slay-Z” (2016)
    • “Yung Rapunxel: Pt.II” (2019)
  • Singles:
    • “212” (featuring Lazy Jay) (2011)
    • “Liquorice” (2012)
    • “Anna Wintour” (2018)
    • And many more…


While Azealia Banks is a solo artist, she has collaborated with various artists and producers over the years. Some notable names include Lazy Jay, Ariel Pink, and Lunice. However, these collaborations have been project-specific, and Azealia remains the primary face and voice of her music.

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