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Aziatix: A Musical Journey Through History and Timeline

Aziatix, an Asian-American music group known for their innovative fusion of pop, R&B, and hip-hop, has left an indelible mark on the music industry. This timeline traces their inspiring journey, highlighting pivotal moments and artistic evolution.

Formation and Inception

  • 2008: Aziatix is born in Los Angeles, California, emerging as a trio comprising Eddie Shin, Nicky Lee, and Flowsik.
  • 2009: The group makes their debut with the single “Go,” instantly captivating audiences with its catchy melodies and visually captivating music video.

Signing with Cash Money Records

  • 2011: Aziatix achieves a groundbreaking milestone by signing with Cash Money Records, a move that thrusts them onto the global music stage.
  • 2012: Their EP ‘Nocturnal’ is released to critical acclaim, featuring chart-topping singles like “Cold” and “Slippin’ Away.”

Musical Exploration and Growth

  • 2013: Aziatix continues to push the boundaries of their music, seamlessly blending various genres and languages into their compositions.
  • 2014: They unveil the EP ‘Awakening,’ which includes tracks such as “Baby Let’s Go” and “All I Ever Wanted,” showcasing their evolving musical prowess.

International Acclaim and Performances

  • 2015: Aziatix’s musical journey takes them beyond borders, with performances in South Korea and China, solidifying their reputation as international artists.
  • 2016: The release of ‘Top of the World’ further accentuates their versatility and artistic maturation.

Solo Ventures and Reunion

  • 2017: The individual members embark on solo careers, exploring their own musical paths while keeping the spirit of Aziatix alive.
  • 2020: Aziatix reunites for a special single, “In the Moment,” reaffirming their bond and commitment to their music.


Aziatix’s discography stands as a testament to their artistic evolution and creative excellence:

  1. ‘Nocturnal’ (2012)
  2. ‘Awakening’ (2014)
  3. ‘Top of the World’ (2016)
  4. ‘In the Moment’ (2020, single)


Aziatix comprises three exceptionally talented members:

  • Eddie Shin
  • Nicky Lee
  • Flowsik

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