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Azure Ray: History and Timeline

Azure Ray, a dreamy duo consisting of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, are known for their melancholic melodies and ethereal soundscapes. Their unique blend of indie, electronic, and folk elements has resonated with fans since the early 2000s.

2001: Formation and Debut Both Maria and Orenda hail from Birmingham, Alabama, and their musical collaboration began in the late ’90s with the band Little Red Rocket. However, it was in 2001, after relocating to Athens, Georgia, that the two formed Azure Ray and released their self-titled debut. This album showcased their delicate harmonies and established their signature sound.

2002-2003: Continued Releases and Growth After the success of their first album, Azure Ray quickly followed up with the EP “Burn and Shiver” in 2002. By 2003, they released “Hold On Love,” an album that further solidified their position in the indie music scene.

2004-2008: Hiatus and Individual Projects After a few years of intense collaboration, Azure Ray went on hiatus. During this period, both Maria and Orenda explored individual musical pursuits. Maria embarked on a solo career, and Orenda formed the band Art in Manila.

2009-2012: Reunion and “Drawing Down the Moon” The duo reunited in 2009 and released the hauntingly beautiful album “Drawing Down the Moon” in 2010. It was followed by the EP “As Above So Below” in 2012, offering fans a more electronic-infused sound.

2018-Present: Return and “Waves” After another hiatus, Azure Ray returned in 2018 with the EP “Waves”. It embraced the roots of their earlier work while still exploring new territories, indicating their evolution as artists.


  • Albums:
    • “Azure Ray” (2001)
    • “Burn and Shiver” (2002)
    • “Hold On Love” (2003)
    • “Drawing Down the Moon” (2010)
  • EPs:
    • “November” (2002)
    • “As Above So Below” (2012)
    • “Waves” (2018)


Azure Ray primarily consists of two members:

  • Maria Taylor: Besides her work with Azure Ray, Maria has had an extensive solo career and has released numerous albums under her own name.
  • Orenda Fink: Apart from Azure Ray, Orenda has been involved with various projects, including Art in Manila and her solo work.

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