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B1A4: History and Timeline

B1A4 is a popular South Korean boy band formed by WM Entertainment. Recognized for their melodic sound, strong vocals, and captivating performances, B1A4 has made a significant mark in the K-pop industry.

2011: Debut and Initial Recognition In April 2011, B1A4 made their official debut with the extended play (EP) “Let’s Fly“, introducing their first single “O.K.” The group quickly gained attention not only for their musical prowess but also for their unique name which stands for “Be the One, All for One.”

2012: “It B1A4” and Growing Popularity Building on their debut’s momentum, B1A4 released their second EP, “It B1A4“, in 2012. Tracks like “Beautiful Target” solidified their position in the South Korean music industry. Their infectious tunes and lively stage performances endeared them to fans locally and internationally.

2013-2015: Expanding Horizons and Solo Activities During this period, B1A4 continued releasing chart-topping albums and singles, including the critically acclaimed “Who Am I” and “Solo Day”. Besides group activities, members ventured into solo projects in music, acting, and variety shows, showcasing their individual talents.

2016-Present: Evolution and Continued Success Despite the challenges and shifts in the K-pop landscape, B1A4 consistently delivered quality music. Their mature sound, reflected in albums like “Good Timing” and “Origine”, showcased their growth as artists. Although the group underwent a lineup change in 2018, with two members departing, B1A4’s dedication to their craft and fans remains unwavering.


  • Studio Albums:
    • “Ignition” (2012)
    • “Who Am I” (2014)
    • “Good Timing” (2016)
    • “Origine” (2020)
  • Extended Plays (EPs):
    • “Let’s Fly” (2011)
    • “It B1A4” (2012)
    • “In The Wind” (2012)
    • “What’s Happening?” (2013)
    • “Solo Day” (2014)
    • “Sweet Girl” (2015)


As of the latest lineup:

  • CNU (Shin Dong-woo) – Main vocalist and rapper, known for his deep voice and leadership.
  • Sandeul (Lee Jung-hwan) – Main vocalist, recognized for his powerful and emotive vocal range.
  • Gongchan (Gong Chan-sik) – Sub-vocalist and the youngest member, known for his visuals and charm.

Former members:

  • Jinyoung (Jung Jin-young) – Leader, lead vocalist, and face of the group.
  • Baro (Cha Sun-woo) – Main rapper and known for his distinct voice and rap style.

Official Social Media Accounts

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