B5 Information

B5, formerly known as Audio, is an American R&B boy band originating from St. Petersburg, Florida, that rose to fame in the mid-2000s. The group consists of five brothers, making their harmonious connection both familial and musical.

2002: Formation as “Audio” The five Breeding brothers initially started their journey in music under the name “Audio”. Their shared familial bond and love for music served as the foundation for the group’s formation.

2005: Name Change, Debut with Diddy, and “All I Do” In 2005, the group caught the attention of music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, who signed them to his label, Bad Boy Records, and suggested a name change to B5 (a nod to the Breeding family and the five members). Their debut single, “All I Do”, a modern rendition of the Jackson 5 classic, gained significant airplay, and their debut self-titled album, “B5“, followed soon after.

2007: “Don’t Talk, Just Listen” and Evolution In 2007, B5 released their second album, “Don’t Talk, Just Listen“. This album showcased the group’s growth and maturity, with tracks that varied from dance-pop to heartfelt ballads. The album’s lead single, “Hydrolics” featuring Bow Wow, became particularly popular.

2008-2012: Label Changes and Hiatus Post their second album, B5 faced challenges with their record label, leading to a departure from Bad Boy Records. This period saw the band exploring new sounds and working independently. Despite teasing new music and updates, B5 went on an unofficial hiatus, with members exploring individual pursuits.

2013: Return with “Say Yes” The group made a much-anticipated return in 2013 with the single “Say Yes”, showcasing a more mature sound. The single was well-received, marking B5’s evolution from boy band to a group of young men with a more sophisticated musical style.

2018-Present: Rebranding and Continued Musical Ventures Rebranding as Audio once again, the Breeding brothers continued to produce music and engage with their dedicated fanbase. Over the years, they’ve released several singles and have teased more projects in the pipeline.


  • Studio Albums:
    • “B5” (2005)
    • “Don’t Talk, Just Listen” (2007)
  • Notable Singles:
    • “All I Do” (2005)
    • “U Got Me” (2005)
    • “Hydrolics” featuring Bow Wow (2007)
    • “Say Yes” (2013)


  • Dustin Michael Breeding – Eldest of the brothers and a primary lead vocalist.
  • Kelly Allen Breeding – Vocalist known for his unique tone and falsetto capabilities.
  • Patrick Owen Breeding – Vocalist and occasional lead in several tracks.
  • Carnell Frederick Hunnicutt Breeding – Another primary lead vocalist, noted for his soulful voice.
  • Bryan Jesse Breeding – The youngest of the brothers, also contributing to vocals.

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