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Babasónicos: History and Timeline

Babasónicos is one of the most emblematic and influential rock bands from Argentina, renowned for their eclectic style and the ability to reinvent themselves across decades. Formed in the early 1990s, the band draws its name from Sai Baba and a toy called “Sónico”. Over the years, their music has spanned various genres from rock and pop to electronic.

1991: Formation and Beginnings In 1991, in the Buenos Aires suburb of Lanús, Babasónicos was born. Comprising of friends with a shared love for music, they quickly made a name for themselves in the Argentine rock scene with their distinctive style.

1990s: Rise to Prominence Throughout the 1990s, the band released a series of albums that would solidify their status in Latin American rock. Their early albums like “Trance Zomba“, “Dopádromo“, and “Babasónica Electrónica” were particularly influential.

2000s: Mainstream Success With the release of “Jessico” in 2001, Babasónicos achieved significant mainstream success. Tracks like “El Loco” and “Deléctrico” were immediate hits. The band continued its momentum with albums like “Infame” (2003) and “Mucho” (2008), experimenting with different musical styles and always keeping fans on their toes.

2010s: Continual Evolution As they moved into the next decade, Babasónicos continued to evolve, showcasing their versatility with albums like “Romantisísmico” (2013) and “Discutible” (2018). They kept captivating new audiences while retaining their core fan base.

Recent Years In recent times, Babasónicos has continued to produce music, tour, and influence newer generations. Their ability to stay relevant in an ever-changing musical landscape speaks volumes about their talent and adaptability.


  • Studio Albums:
    • “Pasto” (1992)
    • “Trance Zomba” (1994)
    • “Dopádromo” (1996)
    • “Babasónica Electrónica” (1997)
    • “Miami” (1999)
    • “Jessico” (2001)
    • “Infame” (2003)
    • “Anoche” (2005)
    • “Mucho” (2008)
    • “A Propósito” (2011)
    • “Romantisísmico” (2013)
    • “Impuesto de Fe” (2016)
    • “Discutible” (2018)

Members Name

  • Adrián “Dárgelos” Rodríguez: Lead Vocals
  • Diego “Uma-T” Tuñón: Keyboards
  • Diego “Uma” Rodríguez: Guitar and Vocals
  • Diego “Panza” Castellano: Drums

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