Babe Rainbow Information

Babe Rainbow, an Australian psychedelic rock band, has carved a unique niche in the music scene with their dreamy, retro-inspired sound. Formed in 2014, the band has undergone several changes and developments throughout its history, creating a compelling timeline of their musical journey.

2014 – The Birth of Babe Rainbow

  • Formation: Babe Rainbow was founded in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, by Angus Dowling, Jack Crowther, and Elliot O’Reilly. They quickly gained attention with their eclectic mix of psychedelic rock, surf rock, and folk influences.

2015 – Debut EP and Early Recognition

  • Self-Titled EP: In 2015, the band released their self-titled debut EP, featuring tracks like “Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest” and “Love Forever.” The EP showcased their penchant for whimsical, laid-back melodies.

2017 – First Full-Length Album

  • “The Babe Rainbow” (2017): Babe Rainbow released their first full-length album, also titled “The Babe Rainbow.” The album further solidified their reputation as purveyors of vintage-inspired, psych-pop music.

2019 – Expanding Horizons

  • “Today” (2019): The band released their sophomore album, “Today,” which explored new musical territories while retaining their signature dreamy sound. The album featured tracks like “Morning Song” and “Many Moons of Love.”

2020 – Lineup Changes

  • Personnel Changes: Babe Rainbow underwent some changes in its lineup, with Angus Dowling departing the band. However, Jack Crowther and Elliot O’Reilly remained at the core of the group, ensuring the continuation of their distinctive sound.

2021 – “Changing Colours”

  • “Changing Colours” (2021): The band released their third studio album, “Changing Colours,” which continued to blend elements of folk, psychedelic rock, and surf rock. The album showcased their growth as musicians and songwriters.

2023 – Ongoing Evolution

  • As of 2023, Babe Rainbow continues to evolve their sound and captivate audiences with their live performances. They remain an integral part of the global psychedelic rock scene, with fans eagerly awaiting their future musical endeavors.


  1. “The Babe Rainbow” (2017) – Their debut self-titled album featuring tracks like “Johnny Says Stay Cool” and “Planet Junior.”
  2. “Today” (2019) – Their sophomore album, which includes songs like “Morning Song” and “Eureka.”
  3. “Changing Colours” (2021) – The band’s third studio album featuring tracks like “Ready for Tomorrow” and “Your Imagination.”

Members of Babe Rainbow

  1. Jack Crowther – Founding member and guitarist/vocalist.
  2. Elliot O’Reilly – Founding member and drummer.

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