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Babes In Toyland, an influential all-female punk rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, made a significant impact on the alternative music scene during the 1990s. Formed in 1987, their history is marked by a commitment to raw, unapologetic punk music and a pioneering role in promoting women in rock.

1987 – Formation of Babes In Toyland

  • Founding Members: Kat Bjelland (guitar/vocals), Lori Barbero (drums), and Michelle Leon (bass) founded Babes In Toyland. They quickly gained attention for their fierce sound and attitude.

1989 – Debut Album

  • “Spanking Machine” (1989): The band released their debut album, “Spanking Machine,” which garnered critical acclaim for its aggressive punk sound and feminist themes. Songs like “He’s My Thing” and “Dust Cake Boy” became fan favorites.

1990 – Bassist Change

  • Bassist Transition: Michelle Leon left the band, and Maureen Herman joined as the new bassist. This lineup change marked the beginning of a stable trio that would become synonymous with the band.

1992 – Breakthrough Album

  • “Fontanelle” (1992): Babes In Toyland achieved mainstream recognition with their second album, “Fontanelle.” The album featured tracks like “Bruise Violet” and “Sweet ’69” and solidified their place in the alternative rock scene.

1993 – Lollapalooza and MTV

  • Lollapalooza Tour: The band’s inclusion in the 1993 Lollapalooza festival tour expanded their fan base and introduced their music to a wider audience.
  • MTV Exposure: MTV regularly featured their videos, further elevating their profile.

1995 – “Nemesisters”

  • “Nemesisters” (1995): Babes In Toyland released their third studio album, “Nemesisters.” While the album received mixed reviews, it showcased their evolving sound.

1997 – Hiatus and Disbandment

  • After a series of tours and the release of “Nemesisters,” the band went on hiatus.
  • In 1997, Babes In Toyland officially disbanded.

2014 – Reunion and Touring

  • Babes In Toyland made a surprising comeback in 2014 with the original lineup of Kat Bjelland, Lori Barbero, and Michelle Leon. They embarked on a successful reunion tour, performing their classic songs to enthusiastic crowds.

2015 – “Return to Bitchwave”

  • “Return to Bitchwave” (2015): The band released their first new song in over a decade, “All by Myself.” This marked a significant moment in their reunion.

2019 – Continued Performances

  • The band continued to perform sporadically, reminding audiences of their enduring influence on the punk rock scene.


  1. “Spanking Machine” (1989) – Their debut album featuring tracks like “He’s My Thing” and “Dust Cake Boy.”
  2. “Fontanelle” (1992) – Their breakthrough album, which includes songs like “Bruise Violet” and “Sweet ’69.”
  3. “Nemesisters” (1995) – Their third studio album, featuring tracks like “Ariel” and “Drivin’.”

Members of Babes In Toyland

Throughout their history, Babes In Toyland had several members, but the most iconic lineup featured:

  1. Kat Bjelland – Guitar and vocals.
  2. Lori Barbero – Drums.
  3. Maureen Herman – Bass.

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