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History and Timeline of Baby Bugs

2020 – The Birth of Baby Bugs

In the tumultuous year of 2020, amidst a global pandemic, Bowie, known by their birth name, embarked on a journey of self-discovery and creative expression. Struggling with mental illness and emotional abuse, Bowie found solace in the therapeutic power of music. They began writing songs and poems as a means to articulate the complex emotions that had long been suppressed.

March 2021 – Debut Single “Hey Bunny”

In March 2021, Baby Bugs emerged on the music scene with their debut single, “Hey Bunny.” This emotionally charged track not only marked the birth of the Baby Bugs project but also served as a poignant outlet for Bowie’s innermost feelings. “Hey Bunny” resonated deeply with listeners, rapidly amassing over one million streams within just two months of its release.

2021 – A Sudden Rise to Prominence

The unexpected success of “Hey Bunny” proved to be a turning point for Baby Bugs. Bowie’s candid and heartfelt songwriting struck a chord with a broad audience, particularly those who could relate to the struggles portrayed in the music. Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response, Bowie decided to continue down this creative path, using their music as a vessel to help others grappling with similar emotional challenges feel less isolated.

Present – The Ongoing Journey

As of the present day, Baby Bugs continues to captivate listeners with their alternative rock sound and introspective lyrics. Bowie’s dedication to shedding light on the often unspoken aspects of mental health and emotional turmoil remains unwavering. With each new release, Baby Bugs serves as a beacon of hope and understanding for those navigating the complexities of life.



  1. “Hey Bunny” (March 2021)

Members of Baby Bugs

  • Bowie (Founder)

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